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Droid DNA>Nexus 4. Scaled so that they're the same height -- you can see how the layout is affected.
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Wow. That's a pretty big difference.
so the N4 has a more comfortable layout but DNA shows more content/extra row of icons?
just 1 row of pictures ... so... still nexus bound
im lovin my N4 so far.  the onscreen buttons are not nearly as annoying as i thought they might be. 
+rick vowles give it a few weeks then try to use a phone without them.  I now love them
david h
the first thing a rom has to have for me to use it is software keys(stupid hardware keys on gs3)
I agree. Once you go onscreen buttons you would never want to go back. They are awesome.
I keep reading that the DNA is the first Verizon LTE phone to keep a strong 4G connection indoors. Can anybody speak to how much of a problem this has been with past phones?
Are you saying Droid DNA is Bigger than Nexus 4 or Better than Nexus 4?
+John Wilson i don't know about the dna but every phone i've had on verizon has worked with lte inside and outside buildings
I think its just showing the difference between onscreen buttons and no onscreen buttons. 
You CAN remove the onscreen buttons with a little trickery. I do it on my Galaxy Nexus for some apps.
+Derek Smith Thanks. I'd seen some reviewers/testers mentioning LTE drops as a frequent problem with previous devices, especially indoors.
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