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Facebook for Android updated with that sharing thing. Now to see what it broke. (Something always breaks.)
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Any idea when that Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 review will be available?!  I'm really interested in one, but want to see some reviews before I pull the trigger...
Awesome.  I saw they were shipping on Android Central earlier today, but didn't know if you had a pre-release unit sent to your offices.  I look forward to reading it!
Still waiting for that native app...
Is it just me or is the Facebook widget a bit temperamental? For me it often simply refuses to display updates until I launch the main app or remove and reapply the widget itself.
I don't even bother using the widget.  If they can't even get the app right, what makes you think the widget is going to be any better?
+Kolongi Hodge I have no problem with the app. It suit my needs just fine. The widget however is just plain borked.
The new app isn't giving me the option to share on my tablet, and on my phone I get the share option on some posts, not all.
Facebook for android won't ever show me my news feed. Just says "error please try again" on my nexus 7. Funny thing is I set my wife up as another user and it works fine with her account. Frustrating. 
I ditched fb app months ago when they added the media upload service which runs nonstop..try friendcaster.. my choice

I forgot about Friendcaster +David Smith , thanks for the reminder. Just ditched the fb app and installed friendcaster
Sounds like a lot of people took the same route as I did to fix all the bugs in the FB app. Uninstall. 
Where is the native and shiny new version?
I was thinking the same thing that +Tobias Fuss just mentioned. They've been talking about that for awhile now. 
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