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There's no grace period. The moment you take your phone out of the box, you can break it. You can scratch it.

And someone will.
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Even with Gorilla Glass 2?  ;)
That's why you buy cases and screen protectors prior to purchase.
No way I'm slapping a gawdy screen protector on my device. And only a skin will cover it... no cases. Bah.....
Didn't put a screen protector on my new gadgets too. It ruins the beauty of a 720p screen. I instead buy flip covers for it.
Don't be an early adopter lol
+Champ Santos a screen protector has never ruined a screen. Scratches however, will.

My wife dropped her then brand new Nexus S on the way to the store for buy a case for it. Luckily, no damage, just a small scratch. That's now my phone.
My wife's nexus s is battle scared... She's broken a seido active and a trident case. 
You gotta be really clumsy to scratch it or break the first week
+F. Diaz timing is irrelevant. I'm super careful with my devices, but accidents happen.
I'm very clumsy and have dropped my phone several times. I'm sure the case saved my butt on a few occasions. I've never used a screen protector tho and have never had any scratches. 
+Scott Beamer wanna hear something depressing? After I got my phone back I put the case on it. I thought all would be fine. And one day I pulled the phone out of my pocket (I don't keep anything in my left pocket) and saw a deep scratch in my screen. I've just had bad experiences with keeping the G-Nex safe. That is why I'm scared that there doesn't seem to be a wide array of Nexus 4 cases and screen protectors ready at launch.
Eventually everyone's going to get a scratch in their screen, people just react differently to it happening.  I noticed the first scratch in my Galaxy Nexus' screen today.  No screen protectors planned for my N4, though I would like the bumper case.
I dropped my SGS3 the day after I got it. Its a have it in your hands and no ones perfect.
I'm still wearing a frankly rather ugly case on my ONE X. I plan on giving the device to a family member in a few months and so don't want to risk marking it in anyway. It does ruin my experience somewhat though. 
Gorilla Glass won't, and is not meant, to protect you from scratches caused my high-grit dirt (especially sand). Sometimes even the lint from your pockets or bag, if rubbed into the screen the right way, can nick it up. It's just physics...something with a higher grit level will always scratch up something with a lower one.

What GG is meant to protect you from are common objects you would have in your pockets. Pens, pencils, keys. Those sort of things. Lots of people think they are immune and then curse the phone when they see scratches. Even one grain of sand is enough to do visible damage. Screen protectors are the best for protection. I have had my LTE Gnex since last December, and with a TPU case and a high quality clear protector, my device still looks like it came out of the box on the first day. 
Of course I read this five minutes after I crack the back of my Optimus G by dropping it from my lap.....
+Reginald Taplin The screen's quality changes when you put a protector in it. Specially a Matte Screen protector. Removed the protector of my Galaxy Nexus and the screen's holding out so far. No scratches yet.
I would have been very happy with a scratched phone a few weeks ago. But instead I lost it.

$450.00 later, I have a new phone. 
+Reginald Taplin I agree with you. Being an early adopter tends to create alot of problems. No accessories, software and hardware problems.. 
Say that to my broken One X..
I called HTC to inquiry about repair prices; and the guy actually suggested that I look on eBay or so to get a replacement and do the thing by myself !! How's that?! :-)
So I did last friday.
The procedure looks pretty funny :-\
Think I'm in for a treat.. 
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