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For folks asking about the Nexus 4 camera: Yes, we'll do a separate piece on it and its software. The review already is more than 6,000 words. And let's not pretend folks are actually reading all 6,000 of them.

Also (and more important), remember that this is prerelease software we're using. I have no idea if the camera app will be tweaked, but that's one of those things I want to look closer at in its retail version, just in case.

But for now, I think there are plenty of semples out there to easily say it's better than the Galaxy Nexus (RIP). Maybe not quite as good as the HOX or GS3. But still pretty damn good.
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Thanks for this post. Whereas the Galaxy Nexus camera was bad enough to be a deal breaker in many cases, the N4 camera does not hamper the device at all.
+JD Wallace Buffer overflow. It's nothing unusual.

Like I did with your Nexus 4 review I'm going to save it to Pocket and read it, when there's time and I'm in the mood!
I'm actually getting a really clear impression that the only reason I'd replace my One X with an N4 would be for the vanilla-ness - nothing else seems to be a significant jump...  Same for the SIII.
Did anyone try to put a nexus 4 rom (modified) on a optimus g? Than you would have the great camera, sd and stock android
+Phil Nickinson I read every word and I am definitely buying this phone.  My only concern is that TMo has decent signal where I live, but not where I frequently visit.  My daily commute would not be affected, but my monthly trips would be.  My question is, and I know this would be dependent on my area, would I really notice a difference in speed between At&T StraightTalk and TMo Monthly prepaid?  What are TMo 2G speeds like?
I read every word. Those haters want you to focus only one the bad things (which can't be changed) rather than cover everything on the phone. I think it was a good and honest review. 
Actually +David Kertesz and everyone else, I recommend reading every review you can find for this phone, then test driving it in a T-Mobile store if you still can't make up your mind.
Darn it, of you write 6000 words - then I read 6000 words!
why would you block me (+D Kertesz ) like that +Phil Nickinson ? geez? Cant take constructive criticism? Your review was good, just saying you need to take a more neutral approach to review's, I would appreciate the unblock, Im a loyal android central member. didn't mean any harm. 
Better than my gnex in sooo many ways for the same price. A definite buy day 1 for me! Great review Phil. I read the whole 6000 and then some with comments! Can't wait!!!!
Thanks for the review. I read every word and even read some of it to my wife #imadork because we are each buying one! I was excited to see the pics in the review and the details of the phone.

I'm on the Nexus S now, so I'm sure this will be a huge jump! 
Didn't even feel like 3000 words for me
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