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Everyone keeps telling me I'm supposed to see "less performance" with a 1080p phone.

OK. Then answer this: How much of a performance degradation am I supposed to be seeing?

Exactly how much? And in which instances?
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A 4% decrease in performance when playing a graphically intensive, 3D game with full brightness. While on a phone call. Tethering.
Try scrolling with live wallpaper you will see the DNA lag also in heavy pages it also lags on chrome
It's also a Sense Based (Skinned) HTC device that is known for slowing everything down.
So, this will be a lot easier for you to see/test when that Reign of Amira is installable on other Adreno 320 phones. It's FPS on a higher pixel density screen, the same problem you have running Diablo 3 on a Retina MacBook. It's not something anyone will notice unless they are doing something insanely graphically intensive.

Why would it be noticeable at all. Some ppl just want to see certain phones perform poorly. Smh so they can point there stinky fingers and say "I told u so".
Is "everyone" composed of the same people who highly value drop tests & playing video constantly as a battery test, or are they peers of yours?
Is the less performance expected because of apple? Apple always says that more pixels in the retina displays require more processor power.
I see zero performance since its not in my hands. Hurry FedEx! 
When you find out plz let us know? Every phone has its pros and cons. Coming from a novice Tech, everyone knows that a combination of Running apps, memory, with clear cache etc etc. if you can multitask, watch video without lag, then all is good according to my standards.
Alex M
Same amount as in transformer prime vs infinity? 
Negligible degradation in real world use I believe. Only way to measure this is to compare with a 720p DNA.
If there's no lag or jankiness, then effectively there's no performance hit other than what benchmarks would show compared to the identical device with fewer pixels, which we can only hypothesize about. Wondering if there's a performance benefit to viewing 1080P videos on this screen since it won't have to downscale?
It simply takes more to render images on displays with higher pixel densities and resolutions than those without them, but as long as the CPU and GPU can do it with enough overhead left for everything else, there's no problem. The issue is where the chipset isn't up to the task or barely meets it. It's part of the reason Apple had to give the iPad a spec bump. The processor in the third generation iPad, despite having a better GPU than the iPad 2, was a slower performer because of the display.
+Jason Small from what I've read, the Snapdragon S4 Pro is quite an enormous spec bump itself. Hoping it's enough. Will see tomorrow.
Never mind all that Phil. Please tell us about text size and clarity. Some of us need complex lenses to see the screen so clarity IS important.
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