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I think the FonePad is a good device for that price. I mean 219€ in the EU is very cheap. 
This device sounds impressive on paper. 
Hummm... it was always a great innovative product, it just didnt get the push like the one-x, or the DNA
I want this more then the last padfone. I would love to see Asus sell phones in the US.
On the crazy note, I was showing excited about an Asus launch a while back, and showing my iphone friend the launch write up. In the live blogs it says "lights are out. It's dark in here. It's a small room with only a few dozen people. Lights are on in the stage now. There is a cloth covering what looks like three devices. no one is claping. Ok Jonney Shih just pulled the cloth off like a magician."
The no one is clapping got him on a high horse. We're all used to big press events that apple puts on and here is little Asus and a small room showing off their new line.
Oh he wouldn't shut up the rest of the day he would say "and no one is clapping" like that was some how an indicator of failure.
And the iPhone camp wonders why the android people gets so excited to the android in the #1 place.

I must say this is good stuff from Asus, as I said on paper I would love it if it came state side. The HTC one looks nice and the Sony zl/z have some impressive specs. This looks like a great year for consumers and android! 
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