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+Shannon Nickinson is picking winners for the +Android Central Valentine's Day contest. Good luck, everybody! 
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Ooooh! Pick me! Or pick my wife's post. :)
Darn. If I had known she was picking I would have entered. Girls love gay couples with shih tzu puppies :-) Would've won for sure! 
Exciting! Probably won't win, but it was a funny contest anyway. Lots of semi-normal phandroids out there :-) 
Thanks, That was a fun contest. My wife liked being included and is starting to like Android more and more. Winning a new phone might "force" het to give up her iPhone4s and join me in using Android. ;)
Fingers (and toes) crossed!
What's the criteria for winning? Hope I win:)
I hope my baby girl and I are written down in the notebook. All my hopes and dreams are now in the hands of Shannon =)
Good luck all...pick me please! 
Glad I don't have to choose the winners.... Too many good entries to pick from 
+Phil Nickinson huh? Is that a Mac?? You are the editor of an android website! TO THE GALLOWS! (Sarcasm)
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