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Decided to quit listing a nonremovable battery as either a plus or a minus. It is what it is. Make up your own damn mind. :p
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Isn't it obvious?  If you're device has a non-removable battery it's a plus, if your device has a removable battery it's a minus ;)
Im ok with this, hard for me would be going without sd card :( really, I want to embrace cloud age with the nexus and everything but still I find it hard...
It was tough for me to go to a device with a non removable battery from one that I could.

Only because I do a lot of Rom flashing and removing battery if frozen was a sure fire way out. Though on my current service I just have to hold power for 10 seconds to reboot so it's actually easier and quicker this way
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Being a maxx user, I really only care about the amount of mah's that are in the battery. Not a fan of carrying extra batteries.
With my Droid X having a removable battery was a plus - because I could run it down quickly. With the Bionic and the Razr HD, it hasn't been an issue. Better Battery Technology FTW.
On tablets I can deal . they typically will go a day, no prob.. but on a phone, I like the option, even if I don't use it. I know that if the battery is old it's a 10 sec swap for a new one. 
Not sure if Better being the right term there.. thinking Bigger is what makes the RAZR get through the day.
Instead of just "The Good", "The Bad", and "Conclusion" in your reviews (yes, I use Oxford commas) how about adding a "Swing Vote" section for these 'hot button' features.  Sure, a non-removable battery and lack of external storage may not be reasons for a reviewer to pan a product, but they're certainly make-or-break for (some) consumers.
+Phil Nickinson When people do iPhone reviews, they don't say,  'the new iPhone 5 has a non-removable battery, BIG CON'. It's not an issue.
The last time I carried an extra battery for my mobile phone was in the mid 90's. 
The 2100 mAh battery in my VZW GNex lasts from the time I wake up until I put it on the charger at night.  Last night I put it on the charger with 60% left.  Even the 1850 mAh lasts me a full day, except on the weekend.  i guess I don't use my phone as much as other people, even though I am told that I am always on my phone.  I doubt that I would have an issue with the N4.  Thanks to +Phil Nickinson, the battery on the DNA has been taken off of my Con list.  Being locked into an overly expensive contract is still there, though.

I might have to buy an Ankor 8400 mAH for weekend trips.
The battery just has to last. No matter removable or not. 
I see non removable as a plus. It makes the device thinner. I have never carried a second battery. I do care about batter life. 
MicroUSB = chargers everywhere. I can charge in my bedroom, kitchen, work and car. Much prefer this approach over carrying an extra battery. Plus, extra benefits: all those chargers cost way less than a single extra battery, if I lose a charger, it's no big deal, extra chargers means that other people can charge their phones too, regardless of model (except iPhone, except in the car b/c Subaru only included an iCharger...digression)
My bad. Forgot that Motorola solved that whole law of conservation of energy thing last year ;-)
I'm a big fan of extended batteries. At least until phone makers create built-in solar chargers, or built-in kinetic charging lol.
I don't need my devices to be thinner.  My first phone was the Droid Incredible and that was thin enough at 11.9 mm.  My GNex is 9.47 mm.  A sub 9mm phone is useless if it does not last.  Are your pants really that tight?
Acctually, built in solar charger would be superb, just put your phone solar cell up whenever it's not in your pocket or you're not using it. I guess it would give a couple of more hours a day for a lower cost than an extra battery.
I don't think there's enough surface area on a phone to give you a substantial boost, especially when you factor in that you'll have to be outside and holding your phone at the optimum angle to do it. Somehow I think having a spare microUSB around is a bit more reasonable...
Swapping batteries and SD cards = living in the past
It would be nice to have larger internal storage options, though.
My only issue with non remove able batteries is that sometimes batteries go bad and do so prematurely. 
Htc should at least include a micro sd card slot.
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