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Booooooo. Mine's slid off my glass desk a lot, too. But I put in carpet all over the house just for this contingency.

Not really, but really. Something to consider.
So this happened.

After waiting nearly 3 months for the Play Store to restock the Nexus 4, my barely 2 week old device was resting on a not-perfectly-flat surface, and the motion from passing footsteps caused it to slip off said surface and smash.

For those who do not have a Nexus 4, be aware that the glass back of this device is coated in an invisible to touch and feel, yet extremely effective and absolutely ever-present lubricant. This device will eventually slide off any non horizontal surface

Unlike so many iPhone screens that crack, my screen no longer responds to touches, so it is completely boned. I can't even relegate this as a testing device. 

Personally, I can't help but seriously question the wisdom of giving the Nexus 4 a glass back. Sure it looks OK, but as well as making it nigh on impossible to tell which way the device is facing when pulling it out of one's pocket, this slippery, sparkly back directly resulted in my device shattering. No one forced the Android team to go down the glass route. This was a conscious design decision. 

I can't help but think of this remark Larry Page made in Google's most recent earnings call:

"When you drop your phone, it shouldn't go splat."

Agreed. But intentionally designing a slippery device made entirely of glass sure seems a strange decision by a company employing many of the smartest people on earth.
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My N4 would constantly slide even when on a seemingly flat surface. As much as I like the nude look... bumper is your friend.
I'm starting to wonder if this is really gorilla glass 2. it seems there are far more Nexus 4 with shattered glass than other phones having gorilla glass.
They must have been some pretty heavy footsteps 
For 86€ from LG in Germany ou get the whole display assembly. I think this is a good price...
Lets see tweet lanes=broke action launcher=broke.. Might as well break his phone also +Chris Lacy 
I stil don't get it. How does it just 'slide' off? Is the phone just sitting on the edge of the table? Or is the table REALLY not flat at all?
A bunch of people, some really well-known, acted as though those of us critical of the choice of a glass back were being unreasonable and too hard to please.  As I look back over all of the posted photos and stories about how one Nexus 4 or another has broken I am satisfied by not needing to say "I told you so." 

While I don't need to say it I sure do like it. (huge grin)
First thing I did was put a protector on both my screen & back as well as get a bumper. 
Must have been Jack the giant slayer who walked by you, ahihihi
Get a bumper.  I have dropped mine on all types of surfaces and it doesn't have a scratch.  One bumper case cracked but that's about it
I have a case on mine (Ringke Slim) just because it's common for me to sit this on the arm of the couch. Needed something not quite as slick as the trash can lid from Christmas vacation. 
Eric P.
Rear screen protector. Nuff said. 
Nexus 4 bumper and Spigen dual. 30 bucks can save you 350.00 and your nexus 4 will still look gorgeous.
It's crazy how easily this phone slides everywhere! I'm happy I ordered a bumper with mine. Makes it easier to keep it one place and hold on to with gloves. 
Same thing happened to me last week with my LG Optimus G. Which is basically the same design. I thing the bumper case should come in the phone box by default, for these phone!!! 
You can buy for $6 to $9 many nice cases on ebay for the Nexus 4 and put it on the moment you get it out of the box. You knew it had full glass front and back. And if you didn't before, you knew the moment you got it out of the box. So put it back in the box, run down to any TMobile store and get one of the cases they have on hand if you had not already order a case and do not want to wait to get one from ebay. So don't blame the phone now. The phone is awesome at an incredible price. So spend the extra $10 and protect it. And BTW, what I'm saying is not just for the Nexus 4. Every smartphone I ever got, I had the case and screen protector first before I got it out of the box. These phones maybe small but they cost a lot to just leave them unprotected.
4.2.2 OTA rolling out to Canada! 
Remember the 1990s, when dropped calls were the only thing people worried about? Cellphones, while less interesting, were more durable too.
Tim R
Ouch :-(
This, and the non removable battery made this the only Nexus I had too pass on. Though the look of the back is cool, more glass is just more dumb.
So im trying to understand the point of this story... You knew that the back of this is slick that hasnt been a secret since it first came out. You had it sitting on an uneven table and it slide off and broke. Carelessness on your part. Also how can you seriously not notice the front to the back of this phone when you look at it? The fact that the power button is on the right and idk the camera and flash plus nexus logo is on the back tells me in a second which is back. That alone makes me question the validity of this post, take responssibilty of your actions instead of trying to blame google for your negligence.
Odd that it happened right after the HTC one announcement ;-) 
Traffic on one side of the table could certainly cause it to move, even on a flat surface. I thought glass backs were dumb when apple did it, and they're even more dumb on a useful device. Phones should be made to be carried, handled and yes occasionally dropped. Some phones are so slippery you can barely hang onto them. A bumper would have protected it, but it should never be ok for a phone to shatter from a single drop. 
This is why I like Samsung's plastic. And protective cases. And common sense.
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