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Samsung Muse 30-second review: A cool little pebble Having to sync from music already on your phone is a little ridiculous, but it works. Software was simple. Check songs to sync. Uncheck to remove. Only recognized song titles, not album titles.

My S3 running CM10.1 CM10 recognized it just fine, at first. Now it's not. Nexus 4 did not recognize it at all. Will have to check a few other phones.
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Phil... how is CM10.1 on S3?   Dont you have issues with the 4.2 Camera freezing?
I'm probably in the minority here, but I don't keep any music on my phone. I just leave it all on Google Play and listen to it from there. I'm guessing that this can't sync from that. If it could, that would be way cool and something I would use for taking walks and not having to lug along my phone. 
+F. Diaz I'll have to check those out. But I went off of CM for a couple days cause I couldn't go a day without a dropped call!
+F. Diaz all the damn time lol the battery life was ok, but if all fixed then I'll go back since I sould be getting the Droidax case for Xmas
Damn I have the Nexus 4 and pre-ordered this :(
Ooooooo (part 2). Yeah. Desktop sync is the way to go. Plug and drag. :)
I have to share this with you guys. The funniest thing I have seen on +The Verge was when Josh tried to understand what the Samsung Muse (originally know as the S Pebble) actually does.

What is the S Pebble?
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