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Is Google paying all these celebs to do hangouts?

And should I care if that's the case? Not like celebrity endorsements are a new thing.
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Could be so but hey, it's great for Google+ users. =)
I'm all for G+ using celebs to promote the site - paid, or otherwise.
All they need is Jonah Hill and Seth McFarlane and they got all kinds of win. Also Celeb endorsements worked for apple so...
I think that would actually be a good thing. It's going to be the celebs that bring the masses to G+. If you want that is a different story.
The entire +The Walking Dead cast could help and would be nice.

G+ is pretty popular as it is, but could not hurt to have more traffic.
I don't know about anybody else, but supermodels hold a lot of say with me.
I'm sure they're paying them, very few celebrities do anything for free.  Unless they're personal friends Vic or something.
It would help Google get more users .. since no one really uses this.. I know NFL Fantasy football uses G+ hang outs 
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