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Treating a business unfairly because you think it treated you unfairly is the sort of shit I see in my kid's nursery school.
Power to the people: Our protest for Google Glass education worked

Last month my friend +Katy Kasmai visited a restaurant in NYC. While there, she was asked to remove her Glass over alleged privacy concerns from other patrons. Katy asked if the restaurant restricted smartphone usage, they did not. Here's her original post:

This is where the problem begins. Many of you know that from time to time +Google Glass gets bad publicity - mainly because of a misunderstanding or lack of knowledge on what the technology can actually do. This type of fear, uncertainty, and doubt isn't new and was around decade ago when the first camera phones started to become popular. Places around the world banned them and restricted their access. Fast forward a few years later and the vast majority of establishments allow camera phone usage. Why? Besides everyone now has them, the world had adapted.

With Glass, the world hasn't had a chance to let the technology soak in, let alone have a good grasp on how the technology works and what it can do. Because of this, we see scenarios like the one I described above that happened to my friend Katy.

Ultimately, I believe every good Google Glass Explorer wants the same thing. They want the public to understand what Glass can do. Sadly, we've had to rely on the media to spread the news and we all know how biased the media is, pushing their own agendas.

Katy, myself, and many other Glass Explorers took matters into our own hands and protested the situation at hand. We didn't take to the streets of NYC and stand outside of this restaurant with signs like many protesters have done for hundreds of years to convey their message. We used a more modern method.

We took to Google Maps reviews and gave Feast of NYC a 1 star review and explained why (some more harsh than others, including myself). Our 1 star reviews let the public know why we were boycotting this restaurant and why we thought they were in the wrong. Once again, something that protesters have done time and time again.

And do you know what? Our protest was heard and it worked!

Feast of NYC noticed that their ratings had dropped and an East Village NYC blog ( wrote about the ordeal, raising awareness to our Google Glass education plight. The end result - today on Twitter, Katy was in contact with Feast. They stated on Twitter that they're interested to learn more about Google Glass. Katy will be stopping by Feast in the near future of give them a demo and explain to them what Google Glass is, how it works, and most importantly what it can do.

With our mission accomplished, I have removed my negative review and I encourage other Glass Explorers to do the same. Our voice was heard and the restaurant is going to get educated on Glass instead of blindly banning Glass.

No matter the end result, this is a win in my book.
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