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If my stock Note2 could charge by wireless charger I'd pay $59 for one
Would love to see this thing compatible with future nexus devices, to at least make me feel like I'm getting some longevity for 60 bucks. 
I'm upset that the dock doesn't activate daydream
+Joshua Sutton Yep, from what I have seen on the Nexus 4 subreddit. I think it just acts as a regular qi charger, which means it won't activate daydream
It looks cool but is to expensive 
+Michael Panzer you could set it to come on every time you charge it, but that would be annoying when it came up every time you plugged it in. The Nexus 4 doesn't recognize the Orb as a dock.
Set the orb at my office, have nfc tag to change daydream settings, set on orb, enjoy daydream. Tap NFC tag on the way out to reverse daydream settings change, plug in at home without daydream annoyance. 

Not really. I'm not that concerned.
That's still an oversite by Google not to have the nexus 4 recognize this as a dock. The pre recognized the touchstone as a dock
+Phil Nickinson then it comes on when I plug my phone when I set it on my energizer qi charger at night and I have to turn off the screen manually
I don't know why but for whatever reason I don't like this thing's look.. 
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