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Ah. I see the OMGTHEGS3HASSECURITYCONCERNSIFROOTED story finally came out.

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Yep. There's a reason we didn't post that on Saturday :)
Step 1: bypass all security measures.
Step 2: you've bypassed all security measures.

Congratulations on discovering the tautology.
You missed out on a BREAKSCLUSIVE there.
To be fair, they really should encrypt some of that stuff. Not because of rooting, but because it's good security practice. Not saying it deserves the amount of press it's getting, but from a security standpoint, it should be encrypted.
Not fud. It takes me 1 minute to root GS3 and pull your Google password. 
The problem here is this app can not only authenticate to all Google services, it can change your password and it allows your local hacker to do the same. 
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