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Months ago, trying to decide if I wanted a tablet or a new phone, I looked at buying the original Note "phablet". I remember how the reviews of the device almost all came down to this line: the thing is just ridiculously large and no one will buy it. 

I decided to wait because I wanted a pure Android experience (and have since bought and received the Nexus 4), but I notice how few people complain about the size of the Note 2. Funny, the things we can get used to when they become popular. 
I'm not putting my eggs in any baskets until after the new year key lime pie will be around and everything new now will be dated as companies compete to stay on top the nex(t)us best thing is not now 
It would be intriguing to revisit this article a month after Key Lime Pie and see how many of the phones have received the upgrade. Tell me, has the SIII gotten 4.2.1 yet? 
HTC EVO LTE not on your list, for shame, compare your specs again on the phones...and JB should be on it very soon!
Gotta say, I love my Droid RAZR Maxx HD. I use it for work and personal use and battery life last plenty for both. Also, the HD screen is impressive. Can't wait to get Jelly Bean (any day now). With project butter and Google Now, the phone should be perfect for me. Cheers!
I'm surprised the Droid DNA wasn't on the list
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