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Six-year-old daughter in the store today: "Daddy, that phone looks like Windows 8!"

Someone tell me again how Microsoft isn't on the right track?
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Remember, she is YOUR daughter...not the average kiddo.
To recognizing windows phone 8 equates to buying one? That's new to me. Windows phone 8 needs sales, if you bombard the public long enough people will know what your product is. 
Does she recognize it or want it? That makes a heck of a difference. 
they're not? god knows I want one... Having said that, I do feel that while the phone OS is fantastic, the Desktop version (all I have used so far has been the RT version) has A LOT that needs improvement.
My friend's 10-year old son upon seeing Windows 8: "Mommy, that's awful! What is that? Windows 8? I'll stick with Windows 7, thank you very much!"
It cost Microsoft about $1 Billion dollars to plant that thought in your daughters head :)

Not exactly cost effective, but they can still afford to piss away money and hope that something sticks.
+Brock Hatfield as a daily user of Windows 8 on a laptop, I have to disagree. Win 8 is an enjoyable experience for me every day. Also, brand recognition goes a long way in the marketplace.
Windows 8 has some technology goodies that are better then Windows 7 (Memory management  admin tools and such.). The only thing I don't like is the Windows Store idea.
Brock, Techcrunch is not a reliable source, they are not in any way not biased.
isn't the surface that's out at the minute running  the dumbed down version of windows 8?
oh, i thought rt just gave you the user-interface-formerly-known-as-metro. i've seen people complaining about metro, but most people who have windows 8 say that the normal desktop ui is pretty much the same as windows 7
Cause six year olds don't have credit cards to buy their products, hence losing in sales 
+Brock Hatfield I read your article before this post as made and I did enjoy your take on it. My take is when I can boot my older laptop in eight seconds, see if I have conference calls, meetings, and email in another second, then jump right into a spreadsheet something is done right. It's like anything else. If you focus on the bad you see the bad. If you approach the new os with a "what can I do with this new functionality" mentality you will find the diamonds in the rough.
funny how it's finger unfriendly on tablets and mouse unfriendly on laptops. they'll iron these little bugs out of the metro touch ui though, atm most people who will be using windows 8 will be upgrading on laptop/desktop pcs, or buying new laptop/desktop pcs. it may be a bit confusing, but so long as they keep the desktop ui most people will figure it out. i just hope my older games work on the new laptop i'm getting next month
Brock, do you have Windows 8, because it does not sound the same as mine.
I got the RTM early too Brock. :p I'm a .NET programmer. :p I see lots of new things I can code for. I think you have a different prospective.
My prospective, is the code, not the looks. There is no different RTM... What are you talking about?  You do know what prospective means, don't you Brock?
Tim R
Because very few people are buying their phones that's how Phil 
+Brock Hatfield So you quote three sources - one of which is your own personal rant and another is Pirillo..a known apple fanboy who wouldn't write anything positive about Microsoft even if they cured cancer. This..this is 'the large majority'??? Wow...just wow.
Windows 8: "Hey, you got your tablet interface all over my desktop"
You got your desktop all in my tablet interface!!!

both actors turn and smile at camera....... aaaaannnnnndd CUT
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