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This pic is damn nice and clear. 
Whoa, this is amazing given it's a phone.
Good camera. S5 and G3 are terrific.
Got one myself. Best camera in a phone I've had. 
Yet I still don't get how this only made it to the #2 spot on your android phones of 2014 so far... 
Eh. My Moto X looks just as good. I don't see why people hated on that camera so much. 
Very impressive.
HDR on? Any special settings?
I mean, I heard so much complaints from some reviewers about battery life and screen contrast. Yet the contrast is adjustable manually and battery life is not so bad. They just choose to highlight these negatives instead of the positives. 
Well positives do not sell newpapers (or web ads) so they do have to point out the slightest negatives. I found in my month or so with it that the battery life is on par with all the others and have very little issue with the contrast. But your right, haters gotta hate. 

It is, like someone up above said, beyond me that it is only rated second by Android Central.
+Zulhaimi Abdul Hamid As someone who has one, I can say that the battery life is seriously lacking. It takes a lot of power to push all these pixels 
Test drive one. You have at least 14 days with most carriers
+Zulhaimi Abdul Hamid up to you! It's all about how you use your phone. The battery life doesn't really bother me so much, because I always have a charger wherever I go, but maybe you have a job where having a long lasting battery is vital to you.

It's all about your needs. I will say that the screen is beautiful, especially after you manually turn up the contrast 
I'm getting excellent battery life on mine, and the battery is replaceable, which makes it perfect if getting a charge is a challenge. 
I am really glad that the trend is going back to replacement batteries and sdcards
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