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If you're to that point in life where Faceook truly affects your mood, I have a fix for you.

Get the fuck off Facebook.
A privacy watchdog group filed a formal complaint with U.S. regulators claiming Facebook broke the law when it conducted a study on the emotions of its users without their consent or knowledge.
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More like get off the internet entirely.
You know what the manipulation of emotions is called? Living life! People do that all the time both online and off, both positively and negatively. We shouldn't suddenly be outraged because we discover an Internet company does it.
Seriously, its a shit hole.
And if you ever miss Facebook, just go to the What's Hot section of G+. 
I actually have to disagree.  Social interaction, even online, is very likely to impact anyone's mood.  Hang out with happy, up beat folks and it will affect you differently than if you hang out with the opposite crowd.  That is just a fact of life.

Running away from the effects of social interaction is not the answer; just understand them and recognize them.
Interesting, and since this is the first time I have actually used this from a link provided I agree.... 
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