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Re: that Nokia Linux job listing ...

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Shocker. But wait....he said maps. Android has maps. Clearly there's more to this. I predict a nokia that will dual-boot Android and BB10!!! 
There's clearly some conspiracy of denial LOL
Still... The thought of pure Android running on Nokia hardware gives my nether regions a bit of a stir.
Nokia has jumped the shark, Stephen Elop has run a giant into the ground.  Nokia introduces there Windows phones and everyone yawns.  Rumors of Android handsets get the world excited again.   #Nokiaisdead  
+Douglas C. Hill Idk man there's a lot of people that like Nokia..they were like the unpopular popular kid...this might just be the perfect secenrio for them 
+luis zarate My frustration comes from the desire to have a Nokia Android phone.  IMO if they were to do this, they would be a strong #2 in Android handsets (behind Samsung) and could possible overtake Samsung in the long run (no other OEM has a chance).  In this case, the rumor started and then we find out it is because they are trying to market a maps app on Android.  
Lol Yea I definitely agree with you about IMO, it would be an amazing OS but there's no Dev support or want by Nokia to make it run with he big boys what a sham =( but...even if they were working on a android phone do you think they would reveal it to us?? What if they are lying to us!!!!! 
It can only be due to leadership +Simon Russell . Nokia has a great name and I agree with the poster that if Nokia jumped in Android they would become the #2 handset immediately and would take #1 as people using symbian upgraded, expecting the same great performance. I could see in the past where Android was under baked but now! How many times is MS going to reboot their mobile system?
Why do so many think Nokia would make good money with Android? I know many here aren't fans of Daring Fireball, but take a look at the recent entry featuring the insane amount of money Samsung spends in marketing/advertising (dwarfing companies like Coca-Cola). That's what it takes to get decent mindshare. I think HTC make nicer devices, as Nokia would no doubt do, but what has that gotten them? And with Nokia having so little US presence or carrier clout, how can they be expected to do better?

Don't get me wrong, I'd love a pure Jellybean Nokia for sure. I'm just not convinced it'd work out any better. Microsoft can keep throwing money at Windows Phone for a long time, and the Windows 8 halo effect will take time but could work in the end. No worse a gamble anyway.
Nokia's components are always top notch. It'd be difficult for them NOT to make money, especially since they will have fans now with the Windows phones increased popularity. 
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