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I was thinking about trying it myself. Guess I'm going on a beer run for the weekend since it's already Phil approved. 
Just grabbed some of Sierra Nevada's "Tumbler" brown ale. Great seasonal beer in all of it's malty goodness. 
Might have to try that after I finish my Saranac Pumpkin Ale.
David B
Just picked up a case of mgd lite. Cheers Sir!
J Agnew
I think I like Winter Lager better than Octoberfest....and I love Octoberfest.
J Agnew
Actually I was talking about years past. I'm in training for +Tough Mudder so I put myself on the wagon back in September. I didn't sample this years batch.
J Agnew
If you want to use an event to motivate you look for something small like a 5K for charity or a mud run. The mud runs/obstacle courses are tons of fun. Lots of events these days have beer at the finish line :)
J Agnew
I'm a Physical Therapist Assistant and an Exercise's what I do ;)
Hope you do it and just remember to go slow.
Very nice.  My personal favorite seasonal is Octoberfest.  If you want something to kick back and relax with, see if you can find SA Boston Ale.  Not lager.  Ale.  Total Wine usually has it in stock.  You won't be disappointed.  
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