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They probably hoped the iFans would come an make a load of BS up 
I like the comment about the Note crushing a house, lol.
I wish I could win a windows phone so I could sell it on craigslist and go buy a nexus 4.
Whoever the social media genius that came up with this idea should get fired. :-P
David B
+Shon G. Great idea. Take it a step further and even sell it for a premium (just like M$ with the Surface) and get a Nexus 7 too. 
How do people who major in marketing not realize that social advertising will go awry? Aren't they like the foremost users of these services? 
+David Blackwell I could do that, but I already have a n7. Plus, I will feel bad enough selling it to them in the first place, no need for insult to the injury. :D
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