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Bought an outdoor shed from +Lowe's Home Improvement. Had to wait 45 minutes to get one from the top shelf because the easily accessible one looked like it'd been siting out in the rain and the box was all bloated. That wasn't going to fit in our car. No bueno.

So we waited for 45 minutes while they found someone who was qualified on the forklift to get it off the top shelf. (Aside: Neither of the two male knuckleheads who first came to assess the situation -- one of whom kept saying he was going to go on break instead of having to do work help -- was cleared to use the big man machinery, so they had to wait on one of the smallest women there to get it. Loved that!)

Only the box the shed was in for some reason wasn't on a pallet. So that means the forklift wouldn't really be able to get under to pick it up. A couple of tries and, sure enough, that's the case.

So, another 10 minutes waiting for someone with a machine that lifted a dude up to the high shelf, where he then was able to scoot the box onto that machine, lower it, and take it to the front.

A slow drive home and, success. Only, not.

The very last piece in the box -- and, as I discovered, the box itself -- had two nice holes in them. Right about the same size and shape as a forklift. Don't know if it was from the escapades today, or from whomever put the damn thing up on that shelf without a pallet in the first place.

So let's hope the store's willing to crack open that janky, bloated box they still have in stock and replace that one, single part. Otherwise this little project is going to have to wait two weeks, as I'm traveling until then.

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It's stories like this that make me thankful to be a carpenter. Sorry for your troubles, it is apparent that Lowe's will hire any dunderhead and give them the five minute forktruck safety lecture and call them qualified. Lowe's should take back the damaged goods, but maybe ask for delivery from a different store for the replacement.
If they just gave you the other shed you could set them both up in your yard and we could start calling you Phil "Two Sheds" Nickinson.
What phone took this photo? Some major discoloration in the middle so my guess nexus 4?
Have them come pick it up themselves and deliver a new one that is undamaged. No excuses. Lowes can and should do that. 
According to the stories my wife tells (she works at a Lowe's in Missouri), that is par for the course. 
Update: part replaced at the store. Nice! 
I was a manager at Lowe's for a while, and unfortunately this happens. But its hit or miss with every retailer in every oart of the country. So you can't blame Lowe's. It all falls on the managing staff to suck it up and properly train these idiots. Anyone can be turned into a badass worker. 
Lowes sucks anyway, Home Depot for the win
+Scott Beamer One of those people. Like an Apple or Android fanboy. Can't appreciate all things. Have to hate on something. 
Good that they replaced them I could picture one of the managers trying to convince you the holes are for aerodynamics. 
My wife works for +Lowe's Home Improvement and she is the only woman who works in the lumber department. (Apparently, she is also one of the few people who can use the tow motor and the saw.) She'll tell me stories of impatient male customers whom rather have one of the guys cut boards, answer questions and/or load their trucks because they don't think she can do it, and sometimes they aren't so nice about it either.

I guess what I'm trying to say +Phil Nickinson is thanks for being nice to the lady. You could have easily have gone back to the store and blamed her for your damaged product. Women don't have it as easy as the guys around those types of stores.
HA guess i was right... twas indeed Nexus 4, wow 
Actually +Billy Kandah, it's more likely just a forklift or a reach truck, which is a type of fork lift with a fork carriage that extends forward. A scissor lift is a rising platform enclosed on four sides by rails, meant for personnel to vertically reach tall places for maintenance or construction work.
+John Dove I learned a long time ago it's in my best interest to be nice to the ladies. :) No reason they can't do great things in hardware stores. Lord knows I'm a blithering idiot when it comes to that stuff.

+James Nelson Yeah. It happens. Particularly frustrating at the end of a 200-pound haul. But the store did exactly what I would have expected it to. I'll keep going back.
Frankly, it's more rewarding and fun to build this yourself from scratch with lumber. It looks better, is totally customizable and almost always serves your needs better than a Rubbermaid snap-together POS.
+Charles Smith and then there are the guys like me... I have zero clues when it comes to wood working projects. I'm a good mechanic though :-)
I worked at that same Lowe's in college.. Glad they did the right thing and gave you the part from the damaged box. We did it all the time. 
Hey +Phil Nickinson which model did you get? I was thinking about getting a shed to store some product in the backyard. Ah suggestions based on your research? Tia
In England we just shake our heads slowly and mutter "You just can't get the staff these days."

In short people in big stores just do not care, the result of low wages and zero motivation. It seems to be a worldwide problem.
+Bklyn Medic Got the "large" Rubbermaid one. Ain't gonna stand up to hurricanes here, probably. But it lets me get the lawnmower and a few other things out of the garage in the meantime. Took a couple hours to set up. Pretty easy though.
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