Bought an outdoor shed from +Lowe's Home Improvement. Had to wait 45 minutes to get one from the top shelf because the easily accessible one looked like it'd been siting out in the rain and the box was all bloated. That wasn't going to fit in our car. No bueno.

So we waited for 45 minutes while they found someone who was qualified on the forklift to get it off the top shelf. (Aside: Neither of the two male knuckleheads who first came to assess the situation -- one of whom kept saying he was going to go on break instead of having to do work help -- was cleared to use the big man machinery, so they had to wait on one of the smallest women there to get it. Loved that!)

Only the box the shed was in for some reason wasn't on a pallet. So that means the forklift wouldn't really be able to get under to pick it up. A couple of tries and, sure enough, that's the case.

So, another 10 minutes waiting for someone with a machine that lifted a dude up to the high shelf, where he then was able to scoot the box onto that machine, lower it, and take it to the front.

A slow drive home and, success. Only, not.

The very last piece in the box -- and, as I discovered, the box itself -- had two nice holes in them. Right about the same size and shape as a forklift. Don't know if it was from the escapades today, or from whomever put the damn thing up on that shelf without a pallet in the first place.

So let's hope the store's willing to crack open that janky, bloated box they still have in stock and replace that one, single part. Otherwise this little project is going to have to wait two weeks, as I'm traveling until then.

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