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WTF does this mean? Emphasis mine.

"You may be wondering why all devices aren’t being upgraded to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Here’s the deal. We work very closely with Google and cell phone carriers for every software update. And, obviously we want the new release to improve our devices. If we determine that can’t be done—well then, we’re not able to upgrade that particular device."
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Either a let down is coming, or, a let down has just happened.
I think it's BS regarding the upgrades... I've seen a phone which was released a full year prior to the one I have already on ICS.
Thank god for the development community. My note is my main device now so i can afford to install experimental mods on my deire hd. Flashed icecoldsandwich the other day and it's fantastic, no issues so far though i haven't taken any pictures or videos. I can't understand why an update that will bring new functionality, not to mention access to the many ics only apps, can't be "better"
That means that Motorola thinks an update to a software will not improve your devices, including the bug fixes, new features, UI changes, and everything else that comes with every new Android release. Hey, it is based on someone's opinion; you can't argue with that, can you? /sarcasm
And that Is why I move to HTC...
China needs to stop holding up the buyout so Google can show these people the light.
Google is Motorola's saving grace at the moment lol, their practices are ridiculous.
bull shit. They just don't want to support an array of half baked hardware. There is ZERO quality control. They should stop putting out crappy hardware every 3 months and focus on a better product. This is just like WIndows PC back in the day. No wonder iPhones do better.
From putting ICS on my Captivate, not every phone is meant to have it. It runs fantastic, but I get low storage warnings if I'm not careful. There is a work around for the problem, as it has to do with a lack of high speed memory that newer phones have much more of that involves linking to the slower sd card. The cost of doing so is some operating speed. Such a hack would be fine for the mod community, but I wouldn't bother if I was building an official release. If the phone doesn't meet spec for the official upgrade path, it isn't going to be done. I can't blame them there.
Well here's your solution...unlock the bootloaders so they can change the kernel and run ICS if they want to anyways. It's that simple.
That is why I have said "Good Bye Moto" for a while now.
Don't buy any android phone unless its on the play store!!!
Why is this surprising? Try running iOS 5.1 on the original iPhone or 3G. Wait until iOS 6 comes another device or two won't get it.
Their policy seems appropriate to me. If they can't get a device to accept a new update in a way that will make the experience at least the same...if not better...they don't do it. I'm sure they'd like to put every new update on every phone they have...but some of the older hardware will just not run it well and will degrade the experience for the user.

And yea...I'm a Photon owner...mine will be getting the update sometime in the future. Honestly at this point I forget a lot of the cool stuff that ICS's been too long.
Yeah but if you buy a iPhone your going to get support for at least 2 years were lucky just to get one update. That's why I got a nexus that's all I'm buying from now on
So vote with your dollars. Go buy an iPhone.
Nah, we want a better android experience.
We don't want an iPhone, we want better support from Android OEMs.
Why is everyone mad. In think what Motarola was trying to say is if a phones Hardware can't support ICS they won't update it. Do u want a phone that runs like crap after an update? It makes sense to me
J Pan
Wow and I thought LG was bad...
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