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Feels like a bug. Let's not freak out just yet.

Update: Oh. It's not a bug. Ouch. "Please note that you can only revoke access to four devices per year."
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Oh no! I'm a flashaholic and have to unauthorize all the time.
Damn... that is going to mess me up. I have three devices that I flash all the time.
I was just thinking about doing this because I have been flashing a few ICS roms for my Evo 3D
Oh man, well I guess I can't flash another rom until next year :( Or Music will no longer work. Why can't they tell the difference between a new device and a new rom?
ack. how is that possible? why do they care how many devices we UNauthorize?
Oh no - "Please note that you can only revoke access to four devices per year"??? WTF? Is kidding!?
I just got off the phone with support. They stated they already have a lot of complaints for those of us who flash many custom ROMs and are working on a solution for us.
Funny thing is i never deauthorized anything before and i cant at all hmm wonder what that means
I have Deauthorized for more than 20 times but with the same phone for diffirents ROMs , i think flashing diffirents roms doesn't have any effects , because it recognise your imei and not your rom
+Mawdo Jawo I only flash different ROMs on 1 phone and it gives me this error message. Every time I flash a different ROM, a new device gets created.
For a good minute I was thinking "hang on I flash my phone all the time, have I not being doing something?" then I realised it was a Google music thing. 
Yeah me too , anytime i flash my phone it creat another Galaxy nexus with a diffirent date, and went it reach 10 * i cannot make my music oofline* unless i deauthorized some of the devices listed, even this morning i deauthorized 4 devices..
+Mawdo Jawo The rep I spoke to said it was a new rule. I don't know if it's last week new or this afternoon new. I'm willing to bet that you will not be able to deauthorize one this minute.
I just checked and I've flashed my phone probably 6 times this week and only 2 are showing. Maybe you have to log into play to create an authorization?
Hey, +Phil Nickinson I am sure your reaction is simply "listen, it's nothing to get upset over, just relax, you gotta understand, that's just the way things are". :0)
Eh maybe Google will back down from this rule.
+Phil Nickinson This is talking about the desktop client on PCs. Shouldn't affect phones as all. Read the terms more closely
On my third reading, I would agree that isn't clear at all. But my experience indicates you can remove more than four devices, unless this restriction is new
+Marcus Kaczmarek funny how they are "fixing" this (surely at the behest of the music industry giants) but aren't seemingly even interested in fixing that Market issue...
Is it time to upload ALL my music to the two other GMail accounts? That gives me 28 more flashes a year. I think my math is right? Minus the Google TV, unless the online petition works to unlock the bootloader?!? Geez this it too hard I just wanna listen to music :(
Grrr I have the same phone being listed twice, infact I have three phones doing this, so 4 of my 10 devices are used up by two phones that I don't even own anymore. Whats worst is my Galaxy nexus is listed twice and I've only ever used factory roms. Are rom updates making it show up again in google music? Big fail if this is true!

Google needs to start addressing these 'buys' of dup phones.
+Alvin Brinson You seem to have the problem I have. One phone taking up multi slots. Your LG is in there 3 times!!

I'm all for the 10 device limit, but why limit the amount of devices you can unauthorise? Once a device becomes unauthorised wouldn't the google music app remove the music anyhow, so whats the issue google?
you've gotta be kidding, maybe its time for them to start keeping track of MEIDs/IMEIs and not counting the same DEVICE more than once.
To be honest this might have more to do with the music industry than Google.. Maybe part of the agreement was they had to have limitations.
+Benji Hertel Yep. I was able to kill off a bunch of mine. (And it's always had the British spelling, afaik)
Thanks for reporting that link +Murad Kheraj, I've now gone in and cleaned up all my devices while I can! The list is now down to two devices. Hopefully google leaves it like this. I'm happy with the 10 concurrent device limit, just not the removal limits.
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