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My take on Nokia hiring a Linux person without ever mentioning the word Android, ensuring that bloggers everywhere will toss out the Jump to Conclusions Mat and use the world "Android" at least a half-dozen times:

Everyone should have a Linux nerd. One of the first things I did when I took over +Android Central was to find a neckbeard of my very own, too. Just so happens mine also does Android.

Maybe Nokia is making an Android phone. Probably not. For sure it needs a neckbeard, though.

But you can't have mine, Nokia. MINE.
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That reminds me. Time to feed and water this guy. :p
+1 for 'Jump to Conclusions' reference...

Edit:  Neckbeards, too.
LOL! As unlikely as the rumors are to be true, I wish they were. Nokia are currently making gorgeous hardware with average software and a non-existent eco system. 
My wife won't let me have a neckbeard. Says a cat is enough!
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