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Seeing a lot of 4.2.1. pings over the weekend. Either kids are having fun, or things are starting to get a little more serious.
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Problem then is what to do about the camera.
I still want to be able to swipe left and right, I just don't want to be told that the pages are there. That highlight that shows up as soon as I unlock my phone. 
i want to disable lockscreen widgets please.
The new way of doing the camera just feels slower. Need to test that some.
I don't really want all that stuff on the lockscreen. At what point does it go from a lockscreen to the home screen. To me its redundant. Of course, I can't say too much cause my Note 2 doesn't have it yet. I think Samsung and HTC have it right. A couple of app shortcuts on the lockscreen is enough. 
+Phil Nickinson the new way IS slower. You have to swipe and then tap and then it opens. Before you just swiped in the ring.
+Derek Duncan I merely swipe to the left and my camera app opens with no tapping required.This is on stock 4.2 Nexus 4.
Maybe it just takes a second and I instinctively tap. Much quicker before
I want to see the 4.2.1 change log. I'm sure AC will get that to us.
It would be great if 4.2.1 were coming soon and would take the Nexus 7 back to performing as well as it did before 4.2. Does anyone else think that Google got creamed by the November 13th release date? This is the company that used to leave things in beta for years and roll out updates mysteriously. Having to hit a mark like that seems to have left them susceptible to all the problems that other software/hardware makers have faced. 
Hopefully this will fix a few problems and mean I don't feel like i'm the only person who doesn't hate 4.2 in some way.
I don't notice any kind of performance loss on my N7 with the 4.2 update. Am I the only one?
I am having performance issues. My N7 is randomly freezing up on boot for close to 1 minute. This happens while I web browse also.
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