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OK. Let's see what #ingress  is all about.
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It's addictive.... DON'T DO IT!!!!!
Beware, it's addictive. I wandered around campus for half an hour under heavy rain this morning... and I almost went again at some point.
and another addict is born..... by the time I get my invite all the cool kids will be bored & have left the game
Yes, it is addictive. Took my wife out on a date and swore I was going to QUICK get some portals....she sat in the car for 40 minutes while I wandered around like a fool. LOL
LOL....yup +Jean-Baptiste Quéru 

walking around in Chicago weather with tennis shoes that are made of web material for 40 toes were like ice! But I never noticed until I got back into the car!
+Rachel Luxemburg - In good news, the resonators (a key part of the game) time out after 10 days if they don't get recharged, so when people get bored their stuff disappears quickly to leave an open playground for new players.
Wandering around Northwest Florida in December isn't all that bad. Socks are still optional. ;)
I wish they cleared the board and started everybody out at the same time.  its like some people have been playing for months.  wouaaaaaaaaa! sniffle sniffle 
+Calvin Davis - Well, even if you reset everything (the board, the scores and the inventories), existing players have an advantage as they have a better grasp of both the game mechanics and the geometry of the environment.
+Jean-Baptiste Quéru  true but I am only thinking about myself. lol I hate starting from so far behind.  I'm still learn the game anyways.
Awesome concept but I just don't have time to drive from post office to post office charging portals and the like.
+ken patton it's not just post's buildings, statues, police depts, fire depts......I think the game works best in a denser populated area
+ken patton  yes,have the same problem.  I wish there was something in the game for people that can't or don't have time to drive around.
The main drive for this game (if you don't already know) is data mining. Basically Google is letting us run around like idiots to give them the data they need to better their services. 

I just hope I don''t get arrested one night while I am trying to get within 35 meters of a portal at city hall. LOL

 suspicious person 0_o
I don't believe it's all addictive. Send me an invitation and you get to prove me wrong!!!!!!
I just got my invite last night. I'm planning on really getting into it tonight. Can't wait.
Haha im still on the training missions. I've managed to complete 2 of them walking round my hotel car park
Still waiting for an invite. Signed up awhile ago :-( 
Does google give you invites or is it just other people? Im still waiting also :/
Phil, you're in Pensacola? What's your ingress name?
I just got an invite and loaded the app.  Sounds pretty cool. I hope that my being a home body most of the time won't totally drain the fun out of it.  Gotta start getting out and about!
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