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Current LTE speeds versus HSPA+ speeds are comparable for downloads. Less so for uploads. It is really just a carrier and coverage issue at this point. 

All depends on the network where you are. I'd forgotten how bad T-Mobile sucks in 98 percent of Pensacola until I left my house with it last night. Metros should fare better. The N4 shouldn't be some sort of magical network machine. Signals is signals.
Guaranteed it'll be just as good here in NY. 
Damn. That's faster than my home internet connection lol
Dam you and your high speed networks, mind you I still can't get over how much you have to pay for them. 
i understand people bashing the N4 for not having LTE. But when the price is $299 and $349, I think people are MAJORLY overlooking that. The unlocked price of the phone is such a HUGE deal people don't even realize in this carrier-subsidized landscape we live in today.

Also, heck, the Gnex from the Play Store didn't have LTE either. So it's not like a DOWNGRADE.
Nice!!! Exactly why I could care less about LTE.
That's about 6 times faster than my sprint LTE. I'm actually one of the lucky ones to have sprint LTE too. Wish I hadn't recently signed a two sprint contracts. 
Tee Jay
I'm picking a # Nexus4 up day one for my T- Mobile prepaid plan!
I'm even considering breaking the remaining 7 months of my contract with AT&T to get on Straight Talk T-Mobile plan for the HSPA+
Tee Jay
+Eugenio Angueira I was so sick of contracts so I left Sprint and went to T- Mobile prepaid and haven't looked back since!
Tee Jay
Those are impressive speeds without the Lte battery drain!
All the Nexus 4 fanboys are starting to sound a lot like Iphone fanboys explaining why you don"t need features their phone doesn't have.
Not exactly true, +Todd Selby . If you are on T-Mobile or want a cheap plan, LTE is pointless to you.
 That is why no T-mobile phone never has had LTE but other carriers did, like with the I-phone. The HSPA+ with T-mobile if fine if you stay put in one of the very few places that have it but if you travel at all 99% of the time you are on edge networks.
  T- Mobiles coverage is awful its the reason I left them for a battery draining LTE Verizon phone for less money per month and a data plan you can actually use.
I mean I'm disappointed the phone doesn't have LTE. But what can you do? Ive messed wit other android phones the past two years and nothing is as good as a Nexus. 
Any chance you could put your speeds in Mbps, +Phil Nickinson? Unless you're on Sprint's 3G network, it's a whole lot easier to read.
I forgive you this time Google. But next time, you're out the door.
So should these speeds be the same with tmobile prepaid because my contract is up in few months and I'm considering switching from sprint to tmobile prepaid and getting the nexus 4
+Steven Bauer anythings faster than sprint. They also just announced that their lte rollout is going to get backed up as well. (Clearwire)
Oh great now that will just give me another reason to leave them. I guess if it ain't one thing it's another with them. 
That's great but some of us are stuck with Verizon as the only real choice.. :-/
Love my Verizon galaxy nexus, no big issue with the battery that i haven't had with any other phone, love my coverage and love me some LTE
T mobile is actually considered the 2nd best network in the US in independent test. with at&t 3rd and Sprint in 4th place. You already know who won. Thats why I have a Gnex. But for the price I would love to be on t-mobile right now.
All this hype with tmo and no 4g lte. What will there comments be next spring when tmo turns lte? Who will Google hide behind then? If apple can run multi band radios so should Google. All Google wants to do is sell second tier phones. With out lte they loose a big chunk of there followers they built up with gnex phones. 
+Anthony Marrero I find that hard to believe, unless their customer service is just stupendous. Their coverage is pretty horrid unfortunately. :(

+Chris Sucharda Google will hide behind no one, they made this decision on an international level, the US is really the only nation in the world that cares about LTE as much as everyone is making it out to be. The Galaxy Nexus's GSM variants were all HSPA only.. the Nexus 4 will get by similarly. If you really, really need LTE it's not like there is a lack of options out there for consumers.
I guess it just depends on where you live. Theres pretty good t mobile service in my City so the study seemed fair to me.
I don't think the difference between 20 mbps (3.5G) and 50 (LTE) is noticeable on a mobile phone. Maybe so a PC. I only ever buy 3G handsets here in Australia because I find the best value in the Optus network's average speed of 3mbps. Telstra has the only mass coverage LTE with speeds of 50mbps for the price you pay and very low data limits there's no way I'll be going with LTE for the foreseeable future. 3mbps reliable connection is just fine to load pages quickly and stream video without delays. What more could you want without paying a fortune. 
+Anthony Marrero the only T-Mobile coverage for an hour in any direction here.. probably further, is EDGE/GPRS
Why ppl or making a big deal about LTE on the nexus 4 if T mobile doesn't have LTE network 
+Jose Cruz Because here in the US, the large GSM/HSPA carrier is AT&T, who does have LTE.
I don't see tmobile getting rid of HSPA+ for a few years think about all the people that have HSPA+ phones that will not be conpadelble with there LTE coming out the end of the year. The only phone that I know of that will work with the new LTE for tmobile is Note2 as I know of. 
That's Grrreeeeeaaaatt!(tony the tiger voice) that's all I needed to jump ship!
I'm getting 29.4Mbps down and 18.7Mbps on LTE in Orlando.
Of course. Non-LTE is inexcusable. Absolutely a show-stopper.
+Todd Selby T-Mobile does not have LTE. Care to tell me why I should pay for something I don't use?
T-Mobile is going to have the same network as at&t! HSDPA+ / LTE! That's why they bought metro PCS!
Yes, because T-Mo's coverage is terrible.
My lord people.....we're talking about fast vs fast here...people act as if HSPA+ is phone jack 56k AOL free CD 15min login crackling sound internet ...who cares if the page loads in 1.2 sec or 1.0 sec...get over it and stop staring at the specs so much.especially blown away the mundungus at CNET said it was a "huge flaw"..shows her knowledge of the mobile landscape..
+David Smith the issue is, Sprint and Verizon don't have HSPA+ and AT&T has abandonded the "Technology". so the only hope for getting the fast you are talking about is to go with T-Mobile which doesn't even have 3G in a lot of places, let alone HSPA+.
+Erick Kelly At&t did not abandon HSpa+! They use it as a combination! Where there's no LTE available you you'll have HSPA+ and when that's not available you'll have 3G! T- mobile is heading in that same direction by buying Metro PCs!
+Erick Kelly I understand the CDMA issue..we've been on VZW for two years and am counting the days I can liberate my family from the tyrrnical raping I'm taking on the bill....others would be wise to quit worrying about getting the n4 with CDMA/LTE and accept HSDPA will give them more than adequate speeds, better than 3G , and potentially save themselves/family around 12-1400 over two years AND be able take the phone to Cancun, slip in a Mexican sim card and surf the web and the waves with the savings..
Not having LTE is a feature. Keep your horribly burdened technology away from any AOSP target.

But Verizon is the only carrier with decent signal coverage. And LTE speed is a feature I love on all my Nexuses.
Yes, I've been on all four carriers and even though the bill is the highest, Verizon obviously has the most available and consistent network. 
I'm sorry, I live in Mississippi and Alabama and can count the cities with 3G, not even 4G, on one hand. 
I agree Phil... Location definitely makes a difference... I live in Pensacola too and I am amazed at the variations in speed based on where I am in town 
Making me consider if this big red leech its really for me....
Totally depends on where you live, T-Mo is definitely not an option for everyone. 
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