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Hey, +Jerry Hildenbrand. Where's that #nexus10  review already? #trololol  
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At least an ETA.....sheesh.
The MINUTE you pushed out your 4 review, I bet you had an email out to Jerry asking for his!!  :0)
Seriously -- who the hell takes this long to get a tablet review published?!

((innocent whistling...))
Well, in fairness, he didn't get it until Tuesday. :)
He's still facepalming from the obscene 2560x1600 display.  There's just so much to look at..... ,:} 
I think that is what I'm looking forward to the most, is his review of that display. 
2560 * 1600 is like... pixel density porn...
Well, not being fair, Tuesday started 3774 minutes ago!?!?
+Phil Nickinson I read some articles about performance, and how the ipad and the iphone are beating the Nexus 4 and 10 on almost every benchmark. Since you have both do you see any real performance problems? I want to get a tablet, but i can decide I leaning more on the android side, but you are the master of Android and you haven't be able to figure out how to detached from the IOS ecosystem imagine us, average mortals. Cheers! Hopefully you will respond.. 
+Abinadid Mendez  , I think I can answer this one for Phil, if you have an F1 Ferrari and an F1 McLaren-Mercedes, both for you to drive, do you still care which one is faster? I mean, they are both speed demons, one would be the one lagging....
I can safely say there is no way we would see another nexus or iPhone lagging.
Thanks.. Great analogy +Cesar Ferrer. +Phil Nickinson I know you don't, and that is the reason i asked on real world usage which tablet seemed to you more fluid and had a better web browsing experience (apps are not an issue to me).. I'll probably get the Nexus 10. Thanks.... 
Yeah but what's the screen on time!!!!! ERMYGAWD!!!!
I think he is holding back because the trolls raped youre review +Phil Nickinson lol. Though I liked it, hope he releases it soon!
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