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I feel like I'm not as impressed with Press as I'm supposed to be. It's good. Pretty good. Maybe really good. But there's something about the design that just doesn't seem tight enough, maybe.
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I've downloaded and uninstalled it about 10 times. I can not get it to pull in my feeds. Tried on my N7 and N4. Did you have any issues +Phil Nickinson ?
Nope. Pull 'em in just fine. All 400 of 'em.
Can you change to a dark theme? Is it worth it over say Reader, Flipboard, Pulse, Deer, and gReader Pro (yes I have all of those installed >_<
I've looked at other Google Reader apps but I keep going back to the Google one 
I have about the same number. It authorizes my greader account, then goes to the app, but nothing pulls in. I seem to be the only one with this issue. Thought it might be my 3G coverage, but tried it on wifi too, and no dice.
Yea is it better than Currents, Pulse, or Flipboard? 
Sometimesi wonder what is the point of these asps when everything gets posted on g plus fb and twitter
Thats a good point, twitter can be basically a real time feed reader
+Michel leana Reading/finding stories on FB/G+/Twitter takes a lot of time, and it's easy to miss stuff. Having the feeds all in one place allows you to scan through them quickly. Helpful if you run a website and need news stories, or just like to keep up on a topic.
I wish +Google would just fix Reader. I like the app, and the widget is exactly what I want.

Every app that even bothers to include a widget tries to get fancy with it and it ends up glitchy, ugly or both. They also almost never allow for finger-scrolling of articles on the widgets, opting for a Victorian-era up-down arrow system and they usually clash with the rest of the system.

I grew up on OS/2; I still twitch when all my apps don't look and work the same.
I can get this with currents for the most part.
Eze Ude
+Shaun McLane I had the same issue as well. I got it to work by deleting my folders/labels. After everything synced I went back in and remade my folders/labels and they synced properly afterwards. Tedious, but it worked. 
I like Reader HD much more. Press isn't efficient enough for RSS powerusers in my opinion. 
+Eze Ude thanks for the tip. I have all of my feeds in different folders, so not sure I want to mess with that, but might be worth a shot.
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