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Attempting to play a 1080p +Nine Inch Nails TOIOU video on the #droiddna . Um, at least it sounds great. Torrent below for anyone who wants to try.
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It's on the phone just fine. Stuttering on playback.
MX. Getting audio only on Mobo. Any other suggestions?
Could be a problem in a one or more areas... codec, video driver, etc. 

I saw the benchmark scores for the DNA, and it tore it up, I'm wondering if HTC tuned everything to work well with Quadrant, etc. and didn't think about real world use. 

Does the video play on a Nexus 4? Just curious how it would handle it.
Yeah. I'm gonna mess around with it a little. But that kind of defeats the purpose. Either it works or it doesn't. My mom ain't gonna troubleshoot, ya know?
That's about 7 more steps than I'm willing to do.
sad, I've been bitten once by htc, bolt, and I've been keeping an open mind about the dna over the g3 or note.  But this and the battery profile you posted above has me stepping back into reality.  Thank you for your honest reviews.
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