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Why doesn't Google add a proper Photo Sphere viewer to the Google+ mobile app? It's rather annoying not being able to see the panoramas in all their 3D glory, especially since more people are using Google+ on mobile than on desktop.
I think this feature qualifies as "INNOVATION." Panos gone wild. So cool! Juuuuuust wish 4.2 would come quickly to my DNA.
A regular panorama would have looked better here Phil. Photosphere looks a little "janky"
Really? I think this is one of the better Photosphere's I've seen. 
The stitching on the dock isn't aligned and it looks like you are looking into a fishbowl... This is really one of the better photospheres you've seen?
+Phil Nickinson you are getting good at this. I can't wait until I can mess around with these.
I wouldn't hire the construction company who built the apt building on the right side of the photo... Lol
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