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Damn non-Nexus phones. Tip your devs, folks. And your neckbeards.
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That's great when they're not too "big" to say thanks. Last one I tipped didn't so much as say thank you. Major turn off to me. 
Damn right. A Nexus phone with the specs of the Galaxy Note 2 would have been awesome. Alas, this would be nothing but a dream at the moment. 
I am about to put CM10 on my One S because the devs there can get JB way before retarded +TMobile.
CM10 has been a blessing on my GS3..Simply love it..and with nightly updates..I got my dream Nexus.
Rooted and flash custom ROM for the nexus 4 today. Pure awesomeness. Development will pick up once more phones push out.
+Arvin Atal Nexus 4 has better specs without the bigger screen and removable battery.  Your never gonna see a nexus with expandable storage according to Google because of confusion where things get stored. I def can't wait for a Nexus 5 with higher storage capacity and maybe lte compatability...not that the 4 doesn't have it.. :P
+Edgar Irizarry that is the biggest crap of excuse from Google. "Because of confusion where things get stored". So why they put a sealed battery? Because of confusion where people didn't know where to put their second battery in? 
+F. Diaz I hear where you're coming from but coming from a 16gb GS2 with a 32 gb micro sd, I can tell you unless your a kid that has to have a million games installed on their phone (half of which they never play) the extra storage while welcome really doesn't make much of a difference. For example: I own a 16 gig Nexus 4 and have about 98 app installed including big games like nova 3, MC 3, SG deadzone etc..I also have 2 gigs of music on there and I still have 6 gigs of storage left as well as 100 gig of cloud from box that I got for free and an additional 50 gigs I had from Dropbox, both of which I can use for uploading my photos vs keeping em on my phone.  My point being there are ways around the storage issue.  As far as the battery is concerned, I'm running cm 10.1 nightlys with Franco kernel v11 and I get 4 hrs on screen time with an average of 14-15 hrs of battery.  I also have a small pocket 3800 mAh rechargeable portable cell charger that I got from staples for 20 bucks.  Moral of the story? There are easy fixes for the Nexus 4 issues that anyone can take advantage of and still have an amazing experience.  If that's too much of a hassle then just get another phone.  There are plenty of options out there. 
Someone from Google just rub one out for a boss at vzw cuz no nexus 4 makes me sad 
+Edgar Irizarry So you think having cloud storage of 100gb is gonna change the problems with have in the USA with carriers capping and throttling users when they go over 3gb or 5gb? What the use of cloud then? That is the biggest problem facing the cloud for streaming your content on LTE or 3g...I would be happy to get a Nexus 16gb and depend on Google Music. But I cannot. I need a Phone with Sd card support. For my music.
Dudes we've been over this over and over! bitching and whining about what the Nexus 4 should of had and what it has now is old!! its plain simple if you like the phone, BUY IT! if you don't like the phone,DON"T BUY IT! wait till the future nexus has what your looking for in a phone! ill tell you this, I'm simply HAPPY WITH MY NEXUS 4!! 
+F. Diaz I have an unlimited 4g plan through T-mobile plan for 60 a month so it doesn't bug me much. :)
But like I said in my earlier post, if you can't get by with the workarounds I suggested then there's plenty of other options out there. People complain all the time about the nexus 4 and its shortcomings all the time yet its still sold out on the play store and is going for 5-600 bucks on ebay.  I'm sure Google is going to be fine if the few that complain go elsewhere.  Their stock is still selling for over 600.00 a share :P
+Edgar Irizarry I guess you can't have it all. Even if it had 64gb storage, the lack of LTE is a no no for me..ATT LTE is blazing fast but their HSPA is a joke.
+F. Diaz 3 words: T-Mobile unlimited 4G. Unless you're in a bad coverage area (AT&T w/ Straight Talk then), this is probably the way to go with one's Nexus 4.

Oh, and Sprint NEVER stopped offering unlimited data (at least to my knowledge). Again, you need to be in a good coverage area, but unlimited is unlimited. MetroPCS has unlimited, too.

Tell AT&T and Verizon that you don't like limited data by putting your money where your mouth is.

And 32 GB internal storage should be enough for the vast majority of people. I'd certainly prefer it to the split storage situation in which my EVO LTE puts me.
no not mad! just tired of reading on every nexus post why it sucks and it should of had this and what was Google thinking!! but not mad at all! carry on gentleman!! 
+Edgar Irizarry  How are your T-mobile speeds! i'm on Solavei which uses T-mobiles network and i'm getting decent speeds!
4.2 on my inspire 4g is running smoothly. Definitely gonna be tipping my dev everytime he updates!
+Phil Nickinson I'm not sure I undestand the first part of your post. I will say though that if Android powerusers can forgo the #Nexus4 , it's only because of custom ROM's developers, so kudos and respect to them! Thanks to them, we can choose the specs we want in our phone while still being up to date.
Three hours, a bottle of good cab and relearning how to make Windows do things to bring a phone back to life. That's what. 
I feel as if a lot of people are quick to crap on the idea of no SD cards while ignoring the benefits of a unified file system. There's nothing more disappointing than buying a device and thinking you are getting 16 GB (or even 32GB) of storage, but what you're really getting is "well, you have 2 (or 4 GB) for apps, and a separate partition for everything else. Oh, if you want more space for your apps, you can always go out and get yourself a 32 GB microSD card and hope that the developers of your favorite apps/games allow for you to install to SD. Your stuff will run slower that way though, and oh, better hope the card doesn't somehow get ejected or fail in some way, the whole data loss/corruption thing and system errors and all." 

That's garbage. Give me a unified 16/32 GB fast NAND storage and allow me to do what I want with it. The Nexus devices got it right, IMO.
+Phil Nickinson I know it's a review unit and you can't really try it, but if you load Cyanogen onto an HTC DNA, would the image quality stay the same for camera shots?
Bruce2728 for the Sensation is a life saver. He's given us a great CM10 kang and the CM team actually had to borrow his work just to get out an official CM alpha experimental . If we could get some new JB optimised Adreno drivers and autofocus working it would be perfect. Every tip he gets he makes sure to give thanks too.
+Adam Overmiller Highly unlikely. The software that makes ImageSense do its magic is part of HTC Sense. Image quality (given a specific shot) is part sensor quality, part software optimization. 
+Mike McCrary you do know that phones that come with ics has a unified system already. Even the galaxy s3 has it. There is nothing wrong with putting an sd card. And you cannot move apps to sd card. The sd card is great for backing up stuff. I use it for titanium backup and my music collection. 
+F. Diaz He meant a block of storage that isn't unnecessarily partitioned. If you have 16 GB of flash storage, for example, cut out ~4 GB for the OS and leave the other 12 GB intact for apps, music, pictures, etc. (instead of separating a 2 GB "apps" partition and a 10 GB "phone storage" partition).
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