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Yes, it sucks that Falcon Pro has hit the Twitter token limit. But that limit was announced SIX MONTHS AGO, folks. Acting like Twitter will do anything about it because a popular Android app's run up against it (and Falcon's not the first to deal with it, though others did so in a pre-emptive manner) shows yet another reason why we don't do petition stories.

It's not that we don't care. We do. But petitions generally don't do anything.

Wanna show Twitter what you think of the new API rules? Don't use Twitter.
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Let's do what we can though publicly, to ask those not wanting to continue using their Falcon Pro, to please give up their token. That's about the best we can do in this situation. 
So dont you just need permission from twitter to go over the token limit? Is there anything Falcon Pro does that what make twitter not grant any more tokens.
The other option is that everyone send a tweet to @twitterapi asking them to grant more tokens to Falcon Pro
We could force the White House to respond. That's some/onlything petitions can do. 
+Phil Nickinson hmmm I wonder if all that jazz in the initial announcement about working with developers who will need more than 100k tokens was just smoke and mirrors
When the token limit affects an application, the applications sucks. I remember. 

Screw this app, Falcon Pro is way better. Now stop writing about it.
Popular because 60% of the tokens went to pirates. Kinda blows for the dev. 
So I'm guessing Falcon will soon be bombarded in the Play Store with 1 stars by people who can't read. 
+Craig Lambert Where is everyone getting this silly notion that the majority of the tokens went to people who pirated the app? The tokens are probably being used by folks who downloaded the app and decided to stop using it but never revoked the token. In addition, the app was available on XDA before it got to the play store.
My decision to stick with Slices has been made for me. 
Playing devils advocate. Doesn't google maps do the same thing when apps use the google maps api?
It makes you stay in a box. The official Twitter app is still subpar and it seems like it has no progression. Why would I sign a petition that will be ignored until their hand is forced. I feel that they should look at it as hurting your users. If I was shut out of one app I would go to another but never the native app. 
What's to be lost by signing a petition?
+Saiful Islam If JoeEnrv resets the keys to make the pirated versions no longer work, that won't release their tokens, right? (Unfortunately...)
Yeah, don't use it. Faces
Why not get another token and use it for all new users of Falcon? Or is this something that they shoot down?
Release Falcon Pro 2, different app new token limit? 
It's too bad. I bought Falcon Pro and the support pack but am not using it. But why would I ever release/revoke my token? So that I won't be able to use it in the future? Just a bad policy. Not sure how it benefits Twitter or its users.
A) Twitter wants to at some point try and make some money off this thing they put together. While understandable their strategy seems to be to force as many people as possible to their official app and/or the website where they can control the experience and subject you to official ads and "sponsored tweets".

B) They can't stand other people making money off of their thing. What I don't understand is why not allow for more tokens to be purchased which would in effect allow them to "wet their beak"? Ultimately Twitter needs to realize that as profitable as it may not be they created something that became more than themselves. The tighter they squeeze the more star systems will slip out of their fingers. 
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