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Order placed. Two on the way. Thanks, +Marc Flores 
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:) yep. one ordered for me too! Just took clicking 3000 times on the proceed button (literally).
I got an email! Who knows about limbo though ;)
Can't wait for the next round of "Google sucks at selling stuff online" posts when the next batch of N4 Bumpers get released :p
David B
Sigh I just HAD to buy my daughter presents already and now no $. 
I got th Nexus 4 already. Now I want that damn bumper. Anyone know when that will be back?
Still can't get one... this sucks!
+Michael Morys 

It's available in the UK I will order one and ship it to you if you give me a Nexus 4 deal? deal.
I'm ready for my Nexus wireless charger, any news on when they will be available?
I'm so excited I got mine ordered! Now I can finally stop complaining about not being able to order one and start complaining about shipping! Maybe after I get it I'll crack the back by dropping it and I can start a petition blaming Google! This is gonna be awesome! I can't wait!
Actually, I am excited I got one and I'm not going to do any of those things. 
OK, 3 plus hours later, a sore finger, - finally a Nexus 4 16GB on order in 2-3 weeks.  By far the hardest time I ever had in giving someone $349 plus shipping and tax of course.  Just kept hitting the Proceed button and then the Cart Icon button to refresh after getting the sad Due to high demand... note from Google.  All of a sudden it simply accepted my order.
Finaly made it! I think it's easier to buy a gun than a Nexus4
Update: wow that was crazy. Thanks +Michael Frena for the suggestion. Finally ordered a nexus 4
Does any one know if i update my Nexus 4 to 4.2.1 will i have to root again?
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