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As a dad to a daughter and lifelong Lego fan, the focus of these videos really put me back on my heels. Very unfortunate to see decades of regression covered in just 20 minutes. Really hoping to see the Lego product lines corrected before we make the transition to "normal"sized Lego. I will NOT allow "Lego Friends" into the house. Period.
(Part 2 video link in comment below.)
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As a girl who grew up playing with Legos and other construction block sets, it's depressing to see how the brand has changed...I hate that they've moved away from the generic figs to all these specialized characters and single-purpose kits. Can you even buy just a big box of blocks anymore? What happened to creating your own cities and structures?
Oh definitely - we have a bunch of that type of set. Just wish that there was more focus on the awesomeness of that type of set (and the Designer series) than they currently have.
Agreed. All you ever see publicized are the movie-themed and other specialized sets. I'm not in the market for Lego currently, but I'm glad that you can still find the non-themed sets and generic figs.
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