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Perfect list...I'm starting now!
Ken Rutkowski originally shared:
50 Tips for Happiness and Productivity
Around this time of year, people begin making New Year’s resolutions. They are invariably doomed to failure for the same reason most diets don’t work: One-offs fail to change the underlying habits and beliefs that drive our daily behaviors.

Here are the 50 suggestions for a happier and more productive New Year:

- Try rising early.
- Do less.
- Practice patience.
- Practice compassion.
- Find your passion.
- Lose weight.
- Exercise.
- Eat healthy.
- Meditate.
- Get organized.
- Think positive.
- Simplify your finances.
- Simplify your life.
- Accept what you have.
- Envision your ultimate life.
- Set long-term goals.
- Review goals.
- Life mission.
- Plan your big tasks for week and day.
- Maintain focus.
- Enjoy the journey.
- Create a morning and evening routine.
- Develop intimate relationships.
- Eliminate debt.
- Enjoy the simple pleasures.
- Empty your inbox and clear your desk.
- Build an emergency fund.
- Keep a journal.
- Use the power of others.
- Read, and read to your kids.
- Limit your information intake.
- Create simple systems.
- Take time to decompress after stress.
- Be present.
- Think globally.
- Develop equanimity.
- Spend time with family and loved ones.
- Pick yourself up when you’re down.
- Don’t compare yourself to others.
- Focus on benefits, not difficulties.
- Be romantic.
- Lose arguments.
- Get into the flow.
- Single-task.
- Be frugal.
- Learn to deal with detractors.
- Go outdoors.
- Savor the little things.
- Plan a trip to somewhere new.
- Help others.
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