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clones are people two.
clones are people two.

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Greetings online gang...

Motivated by a post by +Mark Timberlake I decided to start a thread.

I wanted to ask how many people are transitioning away from the usual 9-5 job to work from home/location Independant? How far are you into the journey, what's the biggest challenge and from a technology standpoint what courses can I teach (even live) that would help you get there?

My journey so far is that for the last year I've been trying to build up a regular monthly income to pay for my caravan fees, fuel, food (the usual) - I can't work in an office for people anymore, the commute and the people just ended up frustrating me and I wanted more out of life than water cooler chat...

How about you? What's your story!

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Optimising your Connection for Video Chats

I’m always seeing people suffer from lag or problems inside of video chat or live streaming, just being aware of some of these things can help you have a much better experience when it comes to being part of a video call or hosting your own. these simple, basic steps make you consider how your system is running currently and what steps you can take to potentially make things better.

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Practitioner Guide for 60 Second Instagram Video

been waiting to put together an instagram course about the video feature for a while now that you can post sixty seconds videos. some thoughts about editing one, concepts and ideas for a second channel and why you should be investing time in the instagram platform. also mentioning some mobile tools you can use to be creating videos on the go for fast making and pushing to instagram!

twenty five free codes for all you early adopters and awesome skillshare course peoples ;)

good morning gang!

lovely morning, heading over to a nearby city for walks, food and a two hour business sit down thing for a break in the week. pushed two courses last night and got another two to push tonight. how's your week going? what you got planned for august?

oh and btw, udemy paid yesterday so was not late after all! :)

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Using SoundCloud as your Podcast Host

starting a new podcast? 
already have a soundcloud account?

did you know that soundcloud now has rss support which can be used for hosting a podcast. as i had a pro unlimited account until 2018 i decided that i was going to use all that lovely hosting for hosting our podcast for - i've loved soundcloud for years because of the ease of use of the platform, the ui and the support from app makers to export/share via soundcloud.

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'Beyond the Vine' Beta Overview & Guide (

my new course about using the new ‘beyond the vine’ beta from vine. it allows you put two minutes and 20 seconds of more additional longer form content, i show a few simple ideas to structure a 720x720 hd (vine says that is hd to them!) video for use as the loop with the rest of the content as the additional clip. it’s pretty fast and it’s to give you some ideas to get the most out of the extra few minutes.

twenty five free codes for all you early adopters and awesome skillshare course peoples ;)

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got this from udemy about payments this month. not like udemy. seems things are going to __ over there. they say 'technical' issue but seems a little off to me. what do people think about this? - +Mark Timberlake what do you think?

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good evening guys and gals.

another course out today on skillshare for fb instant articles and google amp. now off to do some more graphics and research on some bigger courses that require a lot more detail. if you have a blog, you should certainly get instant article and google amp support installed. it's fairly painless.

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hello you bunch. how ya keeping?

i'm trying to getting back into making mode now the summer holidays are wrapping up (at least for me) and getting into august time mode (or maybe your one of the lucky ones that has summer breaks in august too!) where i make my most content in videoblogging month. 1st of august is rolling in quick! :)

new course about vine hd making in 720p (not really hd because it's 720x720 but better than 480x480 that is for sure) i've just put up. hope you like it. hoping your all well and life is good! :)

the usual twenty five free coupons for you all! :)

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morning folks. how is everyone?

i'm absolutely sweating and boiling over here in the uk! :) - we are not used to heatwaves and i certainly don't have aircon, especially in my caravan. trying to find my flow again with work but having a laptop out of action is causing me a little bit of stress as well, power supply/laptop seems to have died. ugh.

anyway, just checking in. hope your all good. i posted a blog post now that my bittorrent links are live.
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