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Search Optimizer, Digital Strategist, Social Media Evangelist
SEO, content marketing, conversion optimization, web development, analytics, brainstorming
  • 1918
    Consultant, 2013 - present
    Working with clients to improve their visibility within search in a way that generates long-term value. Keeping a firm grip on the targeted business objectives, I help brands understand the best way to grow their online presence.
  • Virante
    Director of SEO, 2012 - 2013
    Helped clients rank higher in search results in some of the most highly competitive niches.
  • Capstrat
    Director of Interactive, 2011 - 2012
    Lead a team of web developers, user experience developers, writers and designers to deliver best-in-class solutions.
  • Media Two Interactive
    Director of User Experience, 2010 - 2011
    Wore many hats standing at the confluence of social media, web development, SEO and advertising.
  • Sinclair Institute
    SEO & Social Media Manager, 2009 - 2010
    Was brought on to help right the ship after a significant drop in search engine rankings dropped along with traffic. Built new social platforms, blog, portal and revived traffic and revenue.
  • McClatchy Interactive
    Web Developer, 2005 - 2009
    Worked as a web developer for the online arm of McClatchy newspapers. Became the defacto SEO for all 20 newspapers when the marketing department was eliminated.
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Raleigh, NC
Holly Springs, NC - Morrisville, NC - Beverly, MA - Salem, MA - Boston, MA - Holden, MA - Greenfield, MA - South Hadley, MA - Belchertown, MA - Amherst, MA
SEO, Content Marketer, Teacher, Twitter aficionado, developer grade optimization and code hacker.
*SEO*, *Content Marketing* and *Conversion Optimization* consultant at 1918, recovering *web developer*, organizer of the most successful SEO Meetup in the United States and lifelong Boston Red Sox fan.

Content Marketing Class

I travel around the United States teaching a 2 day class on Content Marketing. After the class you return to work wanting to do better work that engages at a deeper level with your community - and you have the tools to do it!


I've presented at the Internet Summit, SearchExchange, ConvergeSouth and Ignite events.

I've spoken to MBA candidates at the Kenan-Flagler Business school at the University of North Carolina, students in the Master's in Interactive Media program at Elon University and at local AMA and TIMA events for local professional marketers.

Where I Write

I get around. While I write mostly at, my stuff can also be found at:
Some of my best known posts are:
Bragging rights
Organizer of the most successful SEO Meetup in the United States
  • Northeastern University
  • Greenfield Community College
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Wachusett Regional High School
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Phil Buckley

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I'm also afraid of sky diving
What Are You Afraid of?

My +CrowdFunde co-founder +Phil Buckley asks a great question, "Imagine if you could get control of the part of your brain that throws the switch on fear.". Phil's courage is assured for two reasons:

* He works with me :).
* He is chasing an idea - that we can create something to AUTOMATE what he does so well naturally when he provides #SEO consulting.

The first bullet, working with me, requires courage. The second bullet, turning out experience into a TOOL, takes #magicalthinking . Thinking magically is not as hard as many think. Knowing when to balance MAGIC with MONEY is where the rub lies.

Phil's post identifies several ways to realize his opening idea - a life free of fear:

* Shame.
* Asking For Help.
* Asking For Help At Scale (my favorite section).
* Move Forward.

I've lived that last one. During Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer, our 3,300 mile bicycle ride across America in the summer of 2010 the answer was always TURN THE CRANK. There were days when I wanted to go home and CRY, but I turned the crank.

Turning the crank is what gets you to the pacific ocean. Moving forward is how you conquer your fears.

What about you? How do you conquer fear? Share your NO FEAR tips and we will curate in. Marty
CrowdFunde is a small startup on the edge of success. We have to push through our own fears everyday. What's holding you back from a better day?
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Phil Buckley

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I would buy a car today that looked like this 1958 Caddy. I love the giant white walls. 
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You would be cruisin in that ride. 
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Phil Buckley

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+Heather K gives us old entrepreneurs some inspiration this morning.

I feel a blog post coming on.
Think You're Too Old to Be An Entrepreneur? Think Again

"Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's, sold paper cups and milkshake mixers until he was 52, according to an infographic from San Francisco-based startup organization Funders and Founders (below).

Fret not if you are over 40 and have yet to start your own business. There’s still time. And chances are, if you’ve worked a while, you’ve learned a thing or two about life and business that will be helpful, too."

Take a look at this visual for more examples of entrepreneurs who launched later in life.

Pin it:


H/t +Entrepreneur 
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Yes, love this: "Not all who wander are lost." Perhaps sometimes the ones who never "wander" (or "wonder") are really the most thoroughly lost? Just wondering...
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Phil Buckley

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If you are a fan of +SpongeBob SquarePants like me, you'll see the artistic flair of these "pen on french fry container" originals from Finn.

Personally, I think he's really captured the angst of Plankton. 
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That's quite the artist you have there +Phil Buckley. :) 
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Great opportunity for you, or maybe someone you know.
Why CrowdFunde wants to PAY Content Curators
I spent 2013 giving away more than 10% of my net worth to try to cure cancer. We didn't get all the way up that hill...yet, but I don't regret spending the money to create one of the first #crowdfunding websites for cancer research.

In 2014 we are trying to create a new company called +CrowdFunde. CrowdFunde has been valued at $600,000 by +Triangle StartUp Factory's initial investment. We also already have 10 customers waiting for us to finish our tool (working furiously on it).

CrowdFunde needs Content Curators to help our customers understand content curation. We are looking to hire 10 content curators to help our 10 customers. We are also going to define how many customers we can help in 2014 and how we can help them (look for a pricing page soon). We think the total number of customers we will take on in 2014 will be less than 30.

We will probably arrange our pricing something like this:

CrowdFunde Tool & Reporting $$ a month (will be between $300 and $500) and we may add an additional 15 customers on top of the 10 we have. We would rather serve a few customers very deeply than a hundred poorly. Much of what we do now is in the experimental stage, so we must limit the customers we take on.

CrowdFunde Tool + Advanced SEO Reporting and Consulting $$$$ (this option will be between $1,000 and $5,000 a month based on options selected) and we may have the capacity to take on 5 of these customers in 2014.

CrowdFunde Tool + Embedded Team Option  $$$$$$ - This option is where we triage the account's online marketing problems and a member or members of our team lives with the client for at least a month and probably more like 3 months. We may have the capacity to take on 2 of these customers in 2014. Costs here are going to be $6K to $10K a month.

Our team is strong in #SEO #contentmarketing    #contentcuration and #branding . We see a need to hire 10 content curators to help our 10 beta partners understand content curation especially when key team members get embedded into a customer's company.

We haven't worked out compensation for our curators down to the hourly wage yet, but we plan to pay for the crucial work our content curators create. We know a considerable number of content curators, but we wanted to reach out to new people. We could have easily staffed all 10 positions with fiends from

We wanted to discover other great content curators.

Perhaps this was a mistake. At this stage it is hard for those outside of our vision to understand that we aren't twenty-somethings creating our first company. This is my 5th company, I'm 56 and have helped others make many millions online.

We are well capitalized and want to find great curators.

People who sacrifice and help others because they love curating content. We wanted to give those heroes JOBS, not jobs that paid a fortune but ones that recognized their value and contribution.

I have leukemia, and that is why I spent a year trying to give back, trying to repay a debt that can't be repaid. I worked for a year to say thank you to the many hard working doctors, researchers, nurses and administrators who've worked so hard to save my life. I'm not now nor will I EVER draw a salary from CrowdFunde!

I don't want to EVER take advantage of anyone. I have a deadly disease that takes advantage of me every now and again and I don't like it. We want to REWARD, HONOR and CHERISH the amazing talent that is required to be a great content curator.

I don't know if our content curators will ever get rich working for CrowdFunde, but they will before I will. When we build a company worth someone sliding a sizable check across the table my share of any such check will go to my 501c3 nonprofit Story of Cancer foundation.

If you are skeptical please don't apply.

If you love content curation and are interested in adding a new branch on that tree, one we can't fully define yet, we hope you will apply and consider walking with us for a bit as we learn WHATS NEXT.

I mentioned I'm a cancer survivor so you would know TIME is something I take VERY seriously. I also sense we have something very special by the tail. The more we work CrowdFunde the more it comes together. That's not always the case.

As I mentioned I've started 5 companies. If you've ever played with magnetic words on a fridge or locker you've played with one of the prodcuts from our most successful startup, a product we helped get to $50M in sales.

Instead of retiring I wanted to have a missing experience - creating a company, growing a company and then giving it over to those who helped create it or someone with a sizable check. This is my last dance.

I recognize, or try to, my limitations. One of those is health or lack of it. This is why +Phil Buckley and +Frank Pollock are working with me. Our team is far from set. We are getting great help from friends and NO ONE other than me is working for free nor will I ask anyone to do so.

CrowdFunde is an idea whose time has come - helping #SMBs create the wisdom of crowds influenced content marketing they need by developing a new idea we call "enterprise crowdfunding". The value of the tool, analytics and reporting will fill a HUGE gap - the gap between traffic generation and conversion, the gap between content type and conversion, the gap between brand advocate and conversion.

We understand the innate skepticism many have about "THE NEW" and have experienced that attitude frequently. We don't see such skepticism in our best content curating friends. They are open to THE NEW, curious and helpful. If you are curious and helpful we would like to meet and support you (even if we don't hire you).

Trust that no one will be asked to work for free (other than me) and we see these 10 content curators as our first critical hires. You can learn more here:

I can be reached at martin(at)

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Very impressive. I wish I had more of a resume for this type of work and I would be at your doorstep now. Will gladly re-share this in hopes of finding the right people to join this team. +Phil Buckley and +Martin W. Smith and the rest of this team look like a awesome opportunity for "loving what you do!"
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Phil Buckley

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Good news, bad news…
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Love it when someone makes our +CrowdFunde points for us! Marty 
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Checkout time at Great Wolf Lodge #autoawesome  
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I love it.
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Phil Buckley

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Here's an interesting opportunity to make your own job where one never existed before.
CrowdFunde Wants To Find The Top 10 Curators In The World
If you love to curate content we need you! CrowdFunde is a new company ( ) dedicated to helping websites, companies and brands tap wisdom of crowds. As goes the conversation so goes the traffic. 

Traffic is a synonym for money online. Understanding how to curate content into consistent themes, across a wide variety of seemingly disparate content sources is a skill. Many "volunteers" share and curate content daily acting as my friend +jan gordon so aptly described as an "Editor of Chaos". 

We are looking for 10 of the best curators in the world to help our #startup  change the way we discover, analyze, share and use content. As social media continues to change the web content curation and great content curators will becoming increasingly important. 

If you are a great content curator, but toil in relative obscurity and with little compensation CrowdFunde says THANKS and boy do we have a "job" for you. We put "job" in quotes because cash compensation is going to be small as we start, but 10 content curators will have a unique opportunity to gain recognition for their unique skills and join a revolution. 

I know a lot of curators who work tirelessly for hours every day to help others understand, to meet new "like minded" curators and have fun discussing what they love. CrowdFunde will have a small need for help ON TOP OF what most curators are already doing for free. 

Deadline for applications is the end of April. If you love to curate content and want to take a cool journey with a team who appreciates your unique skills we hope you will apply and we wish you luck. 

Send questions via email to martin(at) and we will create a video next week to explain our Top Content Curators Contest further.
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Phil Buckley

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That's really cool!
An Imgur user photographed Los Angeles International Airport from the same spot over an 8 hour period and made this crazy image.

#mikekelley   #lax   #losangeles   #laxairport   #photography   #amazingphotos   #wowfactor   #picoftheday   #photooftheday
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I'm a big fan of Bruegger's in general, so this wasn't ever going to be one star, but the people behind the counter at this location were much better than you normally encounter. It was about 9:15 on a Saturday morning and the workers were smiling, friendly and helpful. The bacon, egg and cheese on an onion bagel was heavenly.
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
The family that runs this place is fantastic. If you're looking for a great place to kick-back and have a sno-ball or ice cream and your kids can play cornhole or air hockey this is the place for you. The ice cream is Hershey, while not the best in the world, is good. What makes this place stand above other places like it are the guys in the shack, super friendly and personable. Try this place and you'll be back.
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
We booked the only King suite in the whole place when we went to stay. It was a great choice. The 2 room suite let us close the door while our son slept on the fairly uncomfortable pull-out sofa in the main room. The main bed was comfortable and the room was big and well appointed. The main area has a small kitchette that includes a refrigerator and microwave. The suites are on the ends of the building so we had a great view of the beach and the pool. Since it was February when we stayed, we didn't try the outdoor pool. but the indoor pool was ok and also has a hot tub next to it. The only surprise was that the continental breakfast was $13/person. I thought was a little high, but there are so many other choices for breakfast nearby it's fine.
• • •
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
The shop appears a bit rundown when you first walk in, the chairs and tables are pretty well beat up. The service was about average. Not over the top great, but average. It seems to be a family affair with the folks behind the counter all very familiar. The day we ate lunch there the some of one of the workers was very excited to have just bought 5 baby chicks from the local Tractor Supply store and show them to his dad :-) The food was better than I was expecting. The quality was slightly above average for a lunch place in a strip mall and the service was quick. Overall, I would return to eat here if I was in the area.
• • •
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
73 reviews
My family choose this place for a Saturday breakfast based on the generally good reviews from Yelp. We didn't find any problems that others have mentioned. We arrived about 8:30 for breakfast on a late February morning. The restaurant was about 85% full. We were seated very quickly and the waitress was pleasant and attentive. We ordered some eggs, waffles and an omelette. All of them came out quickly and were cooked as expected. I would absolutely stop in here again when I'm in the area.
• • •
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
We planned a weekday trip to the aquarium during February to avoid the summer crowds. Overall we were very pleased with what they had to offer. Inside they do a real nice job of finding the middle ground between good-for-kids and good-for-adults. I loved that they had real live people at some of the exhibits to talk with. Although the cold, blustery weather kept us from staying outside too long, the outdoor exploration area also looked like it would be a lot of fun in warmer weather.
• • •
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reviewed a month ago
We've brought our son to art classes and some of the special events at Time for Art Kids and he's always been excited to attends and disappointed when it was time to leave. I plan on continuing to send my son as long as Dina will continue to take him. He has created paintings we have framed and some we've thrown away, but all of them were unique and surprising. It's amazing how Dina can come up with something new for the kids to do every single class. Last month when Time for Art Kids moved into the new location I was pleased that they kept their homey feel. The new space is bigger and allows the kids even more room for exploration. Best of all, I love that Dina asks parents to leave the kids alone so that they can create their masterpieces away from the pressure of their parents. I don't review a lot of businesses, just the great or the terrible - Time for Art Kids is one of the great ones.
• • •
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reviewed 4 months ago