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Google Took Their Eye Off The Ball with +PostAds
Google has opened up +PostAds to more people today. I absolutely HATE advertising. Yes, I know hate is a strong word, but for me advertising makes me want to kill babies I hate it that much.

What I hate about it comes down to this:
1) It typically insults the viewers intelligence
2) It usually interrupts  what I'm enjoying, ruining the experience
3) It's dominated by the big boys who I avoid at all costs
4) The commercials aren't engaging. 99% of the time they suck
5) There are better ways to further the reach of your message (which I think +PostAds is one of those ways)

When +PostAds were announced I loved the idea. I think Google came up with a great way to give ads a personal feel, while allowing the brand to dispatch their message. 

Granted, it still depends on the advertiser to create a compelling and interesting ad, but using a G+ post almost pushes you in that direction. 

Now, here's the big fail on Google's part, and it's one that will keep me from trying out this ad platform. 

They've tied in to Shared Endorsements. You have to let Google plaster your name and profile all over the ads of OTHER COMPANIES. 

What the fuck sense does that make? I don't want my name associated with an ad unless it's my ad and I have full control. 

I was excited a few months ago when this was announced, now I'm just disappointed.

I urge +Google to rethink this and keep the two separate.
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Phil Bowyer

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Thursday's Rule Breaking Ideas Show. 

#8withKate is several things rolled into one. It's an accountability tool (it almost forces you to work on your dream so you have something to post), its a progress tracker (you can go back and see your progress over a period of time) and it's a networking opportunity (you can meet others who are following their dreams).
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From about 30 minutes ago. The more recent ones didn't turn out at all. 

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+Charlotte Pierce No, I have an old Samsung Galaxy Phone that takes really good pics and that's what I used for this. 
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Phil Bowyer

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I'm going to let the JSY Event Description speak for this one, only to add that I am really looking forward to hearing the thoughts on this subject from this great panel. 

Ping +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales - this one might be right up your alley.
Lifelong learning is here to stay. Once we leave a formal education or extended learning program it’s up to us. We all know most of us will change careers at least once during our lifetime (some say 5 to 7 times!). Even if you stay within your chosen field for study, you still have to keep up in order to not fall behind.

Watching those in high school and college today, they are preparing for a different world than people found entering the world as young adults even just a few years ago. The idea that we continue to learn is prevalent and encouraged generation to generation...yet it is more necessary today than ever before. And, we believe the learning curve continues throughout our careers - in fact every single day we choose to participate in society today. 

The attention we put into choosing to increase knowledge (or making the choice not to) is ours. Someone is always watching us, and we are always being a model to others. Knowing that role we carry into our communities can be fun and stimulating and at the same time offer a look into a bigger picture by looking at those that have gone before and those that will be coming.

+Terry Leigh Britton  and +Stephanie Sims will join +Jessica Dewell   and +Scott Scowcroft  to define what lifelong learning is, explore why it matters to us today, and how the heck we know we’re learning (versus, just doing).  More about our guests:

+Terry Leigh Britton  is an enthusiastic promoter of new educational technologies and approaches, and actively pursues learning. See for yourself by visiting Terry’s active YouTube channel ( offering tutorials, ideas for Abundance, live compositionconceptual-music,  and Terry’s Tech and Photoshop shows. He’s a guru of learning something - really learning something, and using his ideas to continue exploring, sharing, and most of all - having fun!

+Stephanie Sims   gives owners a new way to measure the value of their business, using a method called Finance-Ability. She helps owners understand the value of their organization before they get involved in any financial decisions, so they are dealing from a position of strength. Knowing your worth is always a good thing - in life and in business!

YOU (the Y in JSY) matter - come and explore this topic with us. Start the conversation now - how do you continue learning?

(We are a LATE show. Responding Yes or Maybe will set a reminder so you can catch the replay.)

*Hashtag: #JSY *

Catch past JSY shows:

Like the topic? Know someone that will enjoy it? *Invite your friends to watch too - right below these words you’ll see an Invite More button. *
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Jess + Scott + You. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Relevance Matters. Take Action Toward Self-Mastery.
Yesterday, April 15, 10:15 PM
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Thanks for the ping +Sean Cowen! Wish I could watch. I'll be prepping for my own class unfortunately but I'll catch it later.
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I love this post by +Linda Dean.   
For my friends just getting ready to go to work:
Someone asked me, "Why do you jump on the internet first thing in the morning?"
My answer:
I am not just jumping on the internet in the morning. I follow people that I really enjoy. The people I have circled make things, try new things, enjoy animals, they write, they play, they build, they THINK. There are people that I circle just because they make ME think. 
When I wake up in the morning, I can't wait to see what all these people have to show me. I can't wait to hear what they have to tell me! I look forward to getting up to see what real people in the world are doing.
There are even times when I get up just so someone can tell me that they are having the same sucky ass day I am having. 
All the people I talk to are important because they are people.
I might glance at the news after everything else, but the first thing I do is to see what the world has to offer me. And it's not just on Google plus. There are people out there who are in India, or in Africa or other countries, who send me questions through email, who want to know things about my life. These people inspire me too. If you are in a different part of the world, I am interested in what you think, what you feel, what you see, what you eat. I can't wait to meet you. :)
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Phil Bowyer

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Last week I talked about the importance of people in growing business. Content may not be king, but that doesn't mean it’s not an important ingredient in your marketing pie. 

I was inspired to do a show on this week’s topic while reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  _Dracula_ is a story that has been around for over a hundred years. We all know the story even if we have never read the book.

Countless books, television shows and movies have come alive based on this story, which, according to some, is based on several legends. Why has this story stood the test of time? Notice I didn't say book, I said story. What makes this story so special, while others have flopped? 

Google has told us for years that if you want to rank well in search engines, you have to write good shit. Content producers never believed that and devised all sorts of ways to trick search engines into ranking well. Instead of writing for people, we wrote for bots, spiders and tweaked pages to align with an algorithm. 

All these tactics have accomplished is a race to the bottom and a move away from the one thing that will make your content rise to #1, people.  If we want our content to make a difference, we need to make it sparkle (I'm borrowing my friend +Jessica Dewell's  line, not referring to the vampire story that shall not be named). 

So, this week we are putting a wooden stake in all that SEO’d content, and explore the idea of telling stories - or more specifically; Showing versus Telling. 

I am so excited to have the amazing +Krithika Rangarajan  help me fight the undead and show you ways that you can create content that builds a community of people that will not only buy, but evangelize. 

About Kitty
First, go follow her right now if you're not already. Her morning posts have become a staple in my morning ritual (we'll get into why during the show).  

She uses the power of words to heal.  Words are her passion, marketing is her obsession, and making a positive impact is her mission. Those are her words, not mine, and I think that describes her perfectly. 

---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

If you really like Rule Breaking Ideas and want to support the show, please share it with somebody you think would benefit. If you LOVE the show, please check out my Patreon page ( and help me make the show even better.  I thank you for your support, really, it means a lot to me! 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Phil Bowyer. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Does Your Content Need A Wooden Stake?
Fri, April 18, 3:00 PM
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Thank you +Frank Gainsford 
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Bloody Moon
Anybody staying up to watch the bloody moon tonight?  I took this pic a few minutes ago. Yes it kind of sucks, but it's hard to get a decent pic of the moon with a cellphone camera.
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Having #fika

#8withKate is several things rolled into one. It's an accountability tool (it almost forces you to work on your dream so you have something to post), its a progress tracker (you can go back and see your progress over a period of time) and it's a networking opportunity (you can meet others who are following their dreams).
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The stupid 1, with my lapsing vision I could just make out a 4 letter word starting with F and I could just make out a K.
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No More Formulas
I love this post from +Krithika Rangarajan about the "rules of writing".  We are all writers to some extent these days, whether it's writing a book, a blog or a social media post. How we convey our message is important, especially if we want it to resonate with people and stand out. 

Kitty hits the nail on the head with this post on throwing out the formula book and writing our own. She's a great talent, and  her message can and should be applied to more than just writing.  Make her philosophy a part of your business.
Disclaimer: I am not questioning anyone's talent or abilities in this post. I admire every successful writer. Despite weathering rejections, criticisms and failures, each of them have patiently per...
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I help solopreneurs break rules to reach their goals.
Drinking, listening to metal while breaking rules.
  • Phil Bowyer Media
    Founder, 2004 - present
    I lead entrepreneurs to their goals by helping them find their shtick, their audience and their message. [ ]
  • Crave Real
    Urban Farmer / Nutritionist / Activist, 2012 - 2013
    I grow real food aquaponically (the combination of hydroponics and aquaculture). In addition to growing, I also teach the benefits of eating real food and balancing nutrition so your body and mind work at peak performance. [ ] [ ]
  • Phibble
    Co Founder, Creative Director, 2006 - 2013
    This is my way to blend activism and business. Phibble is about helping Indiepreneurs make a living with their talent. I am starting a new Phibble Music project soon - a podcast for musicians. [ ] [ ] [ ]
  • PageCrafter
    Founder, 1994 - 2005
    PageCrafter was my first "internet business". I taught myself HTML, graphic design and built web pages for small businesses, sports teams and doctors. The web was so new and exciting back then. Good times.
  • Orange County Fire Authority
    FireFighter / Emergency Medical Technician, 1986 - 1993
    Firefighter/ E.M.T. I used to be the guy who rode up on the big red fire engine when you called for help. What an awesome gig that was.
  • Thornton Volunteer Fire Dept.
    Firefighter, 1984 - 1985
    At age 14, I was the youngest member of our volunteer fire department.
Basic Information
Other names
Oh, I've been called lots of things. :)
I Help Entrepreneurs Break Rules

Business Man, Activist, Foodie, Metalhead – not necessarily in that order and most of the time all at once.

What I Do Here

I help solopreneurs break rules to reach their goals. It sounds kind of anarchist doesn't it? It is a little. You see, I've never been one for following the rules because I think that is a recipe for status quo. These days, we all need to be creative in the way we promote ourselves and our unique selling proposition. Doing this involves breaking a few of the “rules”.

I take a different approach to business consulting. I'm not going to be the guy who tells you to do “x” to get a “y” result. Remember, I'm that activist guy who likes to break rules, so instead I'm going to help you reach inside of yourself to find your shtick and how to apply that to your marketing efforts.

Everybody says “write good shit” like it's something new and extraordinary. What they leave out is how exactly to accomplish it. Anybody can research a particular topic and “write good shit” about it. The trick is making it stand out and making it so awesome that people will fight to share it. This is where your shtick comes in. You make the difference, not necessarily the content.

Alright, enough about that, but if I've peaked your interest, check out my site for more awesomeness, and I dare you to create your very own indiepreneur manifesto.

My Story

Everybody should have a story (it's part of your shtick), and this is mine.

I was born a baby in a small... oh, not that far back? OK I'll skip ahead a few years.

At age 14 I joined our small volunteer fire department. Every boy's dream is to ride on a big red fire engine and I had the incredible fortune to do that for 10 years. It was an incredible ride, and shaped who I am today. You would think that being a part of a paramilitary organization would teach you to follow the rules, but for me it did just the opposite. I think it was probably seeing things that a young teenager shouldn't see, but that's for my bartender to figure out.

In 1993 I left the fire service (the “why” is a story in and of itself). I began work on my first entrepreneurial venture – a grocery delivery service. It did OK, but it was an idea that works better on paper than in real life (I ran this businesses using AOL – yeah, it was awesome!).

So fast forward a couple of years to when the web started to hit. I launched a company called PageCrafter which built websites for small companies, a minor league baseball team, and an IBM business partner who eventually hired me to head their eBusiness division (you guys remember “eBusiness”?). I worked with Fortune 500 companies helping them with their “on-the-line” presence and inter-communications. My specialty was Lotus Notes and Domino.

Working with large companies was definitely an experience, but I missed working with solopreneurs. Everything in the fortune 500 world was so cookie-cutter, and I wanted to get back to breaking rules with people who wanted to live their passion. Sounds corny I know, but that's how I roll.

A few years ago, my wife and I became aware of how nasty our food is here in the US. I was a fat ass (over 300lbs) and lived with a chronic sinus infections, fatigue/insomnia and gout. The more we researched, the more we changed our diet. It's been a slow process, but we don't eat any processed food, eat only grass finished/pastured meats and dairy (raw dairy) and get plenty of high quality fats. We grow most of our own produce (using aquaponics), and what we can't/don't grow, we get locally from organic farmers. We also limit our carbs and sugars.

The result of this journey is that so far I've lost 70 pounds (as of 8/5/13) and have no sinus problems, and I haven't had a gout attack in over a year. My circulation is much better, the insomnia is gone, and I'm way more productive and creative than I have been in a very long time.

Health is an important part of runningyour business. I have a side thing I do where I help you ditch the processed crap in favor of real food. It's not always easy, but man, it's so fucking worth it.


Other Stats

→ I was lucky enough to score a hot blonde as my wife. Her name is Kate, and she is a kick ass writer. We have 4 kids (well, they're pretty much all adults now).

→ My favorite beers are Chimay & Guinness (in that order).

→ My favorite spirits are Jamesons Whiskey, Hendricks Gin, Blue Ice Organic Vodka and Patron Tequila.

→ My favorite bands are Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, OLD Queensryche, Iced Earth and on the Indie side - Grand Rezerva, Structural Damage, Disonic and Metal Knights. Did I mention I used to do a radio show that featured independent metal? Yeah, and I currently do a show for musicians called Rockology with my buddy Mike from Sweden (who fronts Grand Rezerva).

Well, that about covers it. I hate these “about me” things because it feels so one-sided and “braggatory” (it's a word now), so do me a favor would ya? Give me a shout out and say “hey” and let me know what your shtick is – sound good?

I fit in the following circles:
- OWS / Anti-SOPA (& PIPA, ACTA, OPEN, etc)
- Activist / Anarchist
- Sustainable Community / Organics / Food
- Beer Lover
- Metal (music) Lover
- Kick Ass
- Good Looking Dudes
- Entrepreneurs
- Funny
- Not Easily Offended (NSFW)
- Cool Kids

Bragging rights
I played a firefighter and a good samaritan in a movie called "After The Shock" (I was also the technical adviser). My wife Kate and I wrote, directed, casted and filmed a short film called "Crossed" ( Yeah, I know, I'm cool, but I'm humble :)
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Idaho Falls, Idaho
Southern California - Thornton, Il
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