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Hey Hey, what's shakin'? 

It's been a while since I posted here, and this is actually my first post on G+ this year - frankly because I hate writing the kind of post I'm about to write. I've put it off, but the time has come.

As many of you already know, I've pivoted away from business and marketing to the world of entertainment.  My wife Kate and I have created an entertainment company called BoozeHound which is a production house (BoozeHound Productions), a publishing house (BoozeHound Publishing) and an apparel company (BYOB - Bring Your Own Body) all rolled into one. 

My lack of presence here on G+ brings me to the purpose of this post.
Over the last, what is it... 4 years... I've made many many friends here, a few of which I've met in person, and an entire list of you who I still need to meet in person.  As I said in my Christmas post, you have made the last few years very special, and I thank you for that.

But... (there's always a big huge but) 

As a small company, Kate and I have made the decision to focus our attention on social networks that offer features we need to make our entertainment company a success.

G+ did not make the list. 

I know this sounds like one of those "I'm leaving G+" posts, and I suppose it sort of is. I'm not canceling my account, and I'll probably stop by from time to time and of course there's PlusWord, so I'll be hanging out there too. 

This post isn't really about leaving but rather about reconnecting. I guess this is my long winded way to ask you to connect with me (and BoozeHound) on the other networks so we can stay in touch on a regular basis, you know, like we used to.

Our links are below. 

(I have an account (iamphilbowyer) but I'll likely only post under BoozeHound)

Facebook / Messenger


And with that, I really hope to see you on Instagram, Twitter and/or FB. I'll leave you with a little funny...

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Thanks +Phil Bowyer, very interesting. I still kept my FB account, so I should try to use it more.
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Phil Bowyer

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Need a last minute gift idea?

Scorpion Vodka

The “love at first sting” gift for for those “bad boys running wild” or the “lady starlights” who can’t get enough spice. Not just for “holidays”, you can give this anytime you need to “rock like a hurricane”.

Drink while out in those “big city nights”, at “the zoo”, traveling to “Arizona” or if you need to “fly to the rainbow”. One thing is for sure, the scorpion in this vodka isn’t just “another piece of meat” and could put you “in trance” or maybe even “blackout”.

Suggested notes to include,
There’s “no one like you” or “I’m still loving you”!

Ice and tonic? Pah! This smooth vodka doesn't need accessorising as it contains a specially bred Chinese scorpion. Completely edible, the pickled critter imparts a soft, woody taste to the vodka. Whatever, we just like chomping into it when we've polished off the bottle.
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Phil Bowyer

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Captain Morgan latte anyone?
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Phil Bowyer

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For +Jahnny S. - Great minds...  (see, I told ya it was empty)
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+Phil Bowyer , interesting!  That's as close as I'll get to being able to follow up, I reckon.
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Phil Bowyer

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It's still just a dream, but someday... 
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Phil Bowyer

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It's Friday, and you know what that means.  Well, yes of course there's drinking, but it's Plusword. Now, if you haven't participated in one of these, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. 

Not only is it fun to play along, but the after party greenroom can get pretty wild. 
Game show in a Hangout

Friday night with
Boys vs Girls vs Boy and a Girl... What?
+roxanne davenport and +Andrew Hatchett vs
+Rhonda Wall and +Terry Leigh Britton  vs
+Kate Bowyer and +Phil Bowyer 

Come join in the fun
Google Plus Community =  So come watch Friday night at 10pm Eastern.

HISTORY of our game show idea
We have been having game night in a couple of our communities on Friday nights for a few months now.  
So a couple of us have decided to put together a show (HINT: maybe a few shows) for the public to see, watch and participate.
If you are interested please come out and watch. Come join the
NEW Game show Community:
This will be tons of fun and should be very entertaining.

As always I send this to the Game Show community so you get an invite.  I also have a game show circle I send this to and do not want to be SPAMMY .  So if you want out of the circle or the community, please let me know.
Also, if you share this event with other people please make sure they want it!  I really don't want to be Spammy!!
Plusword Episode #53 Hangout 10/02/2015
Fri, October 2, 2015, 10:00 PM

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Phil Bowyer

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Hey Hey,

I wanted to wish you all a very Happy #Christmas and a Merry #Holiday. May the remainder of the year be filled with overflowing cups of your favorite adult beverage and good times.

I would also like to thank you for your support as Kate and I dive head first into the world of entertainment. We've begun writing and filming brand new shows for release next year, as well as new shirt designs for our soon to launch apparel division.


Pinging some people I want to make sure see this, because you guys made the year special. Thank You!
+Michael Daniels +Sheila Hensley +Rhonda Wall +Krithika Rangarajan +Terry Leigh Britton +Rayne Dowell +Christine DeGraff +Yifat Cohen +DENNIS N. DUCE +David F Leopold +Linda Dean +Che Dean +Sherrill Anderson +Kristin Drysdale +Jessica Maynard-Gilbert +Tim Longwell +Lakesha Brown +Wayne Meador +Zara Altair +Jahnny S. +Iva Ignjatovic +Gail Harris +Gina Fiedel +Mani Saint-Victor +Scott Scowcroft +Rhonda Green +Kirk Sherrod +jd quinitchette +Frank Gainsford +Tanya Lumere +Glenn Jewett +Heather Kraafter +Lany Sullivan +Grizwald Grim +Debi Davis +Ammon Johns +Mark Barrus +Vivekananda Baindoor Rao +Preston Odenbrett +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales +David Amerland +Manolis Sfinarolakis +Lee Roche and +John Ellis
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Hope all is going well +Vivekananda Baindoor Rao.  That's a big deal, moving during the holidays.  Best of luck and we'll see you in the new year. :)
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Phil Bowyer

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So, what could be better than Depeche Mode covering #metal?

Ping +Stephanie Sims +Ivana Taylor +Jahnny S. +Michael C Svensson (my next feat will be trying to get them to cover Grand Rezerva). 
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Didn't know TFF was still around. 
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Phil Bowyer

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I've been noticing lately that it seems the people who make stuff, don't actually use it. Because, if they did it work very differently.

Google as a whole is very much like that. Engineers code something, and throw it out there hoping it works and people like it (anybody remember the extremely short lived dual notification bells a few months back?)

But, lucky for us we have people who actually use the product and offer up solutions for oversights. +Michael Daniels (who puts on one helluva game show on most Fridays) has come up with a solution that replaces events with something much, much better.

My idea for Events in Google plus.
I never liked Events in Google Plus because of all the Invites in my notifications and in my calendar.
So rather than complain or listen to folks complain I decided to create a fictitious video of a possible solution to having shows and engaging on G+
Please leave a comment if you like this, Subscribe to my YouTube channel and Plus one the post in G+
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I try to use what I make, but a lot of the time I'm doing it for other people.
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Phil Bowyer

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Coffee Bourbon Liqueur

The best of two worlds come together in this delightful little ensemble. Perfect for those friends who can’t get enough coffee, or those who like to put bourbon in their coffee and pretend nobody knows. All you need is four ingredients and a little patience.

1/4 c. Whole Coffee Beans, Smashed (preferably dark, espresso roast)
1/2 vanilla bean, split
1 TB dark brown sugar (packed)
1 1/4 c. Bourbon

Gently crush coffee beans in a plastic bag. Place all ingredients in a mason jar, and put in a cool dark place, shaking every now and then (the jar, not you). Let infuse for about 3 weeks. Strain through coffee filters.


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Nice +Phil Bowyer​ good stuff
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Phil Bowyer

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Thanks +Michael Daniels 
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Phil Bowyer

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ThanksHallowChrist - A #Holiday Story brought to you by Marketers
So, there you are, in the store buying some pizza rolls because you have the munchies and they sound good. 

Taylor Swift is on the radio doing a #Christmas   duet with Britney Spears, which is bad enough, but because the song is "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus", you can't help but cringe. 

As you head to the frozen food area, you notice the seemingly never ending display of #halloween  candy.  

Those bite size peanut butter cups do look good.

When you finally reach the checkout, you hear the words, but you can't believe it. 

"Have you reserved your #Thanksgiving  turkey yet?"

You resist the urge to kill babies, and now the pizza rolls don't sound nearly as good as they did when you walked in. 


And, the #LazyBartender  has you covered with a #cocktail  right out of the Lazy Bartender Cocktail Lab.  It's a little #drink  we like to call... 


Don't let those marketing assholes get you down. Relax with your bag of peanut buttercups, pizza rolls and wash it all down with a "ThanksHallowChrist". 

Enjoy, and please drink responsibly (oh hell, who are we kidding!)
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I will Entertain The Shit Out Of Your Day

Hey, Hey. My name is Phil Bowyer and I’m in charge of Rule Breaking at BoozeHound. What is BoozeHound? Well, I'm so glad you asked.

BoozeHound is a four legged company that... OK, screw all this "corporate speak elevator speech" nonsense. Let's have some fun...

The Story

BoozeHound, who I created with my wife Kate Bowyer, has had many iterations since it's inception in late 2013. It also went without a name for many months.

What's In A Name? Some say names don't make a difference when it comes to business. But, being the creative type, I disagree. Kate and I wanted something that stood out (maybe even a little shocking), had a personal meaning to us, and was memorable.

Try as we might, we could not come up with a name for our ground-breaking company. One evening, while we took a break from world domination to snack on some dinner, consisting of raw meat and straight whiskey (or maybe it was shepherds pie and water), we heard the name call out to us from.... the television.

Yes, the television. Yeah, that booming voice from above only happens in tv (and when I'm practicing my movie announcer voice). Anyway, we were watching some old M*A*S*H episodes while we feasted and one of the characters called someone a "BoozeHound". Kate and I looked at each other and instantly knew that was the name of our creation.

We have 2 hounds - a red tick coonhound (Bumpus), who has since become our mascot, and our lowrider Slinky, who is half Dachshund and half basset hound. 

At the time, we started on a journey of learning and enjoying (hic) about different distilled spirits. See, we had our kids young, so now that they're all grown, this is our time to party like its... oh, never mind. Um, so yeah, the name BoozeHound fit our criteria perfectly.

So, as I said earlier, BoozeHound went through many iterations (which I won't bore you with) before settling on what we call our "four legs"...

BoozeHound Productions - A production company that creates original television shows, short films and radio shows.

       Some our past projects include:

  • The Weekly Howl,  a show about creativity and business.
  • The Kate Show, a show featuring Kate Bowyer and her story about becoming an author
  • analogue-rebel, a short film written by Kate Bowyer and shot entirely on a Nexus 4. (to be released very, very soon)
  • The Meltdown, a short film/book trailer supporting Kate's book, How I Quit eMail
  • Petting The Unicorn, a short film/book trailer supporting Kate's book, How I Quit eMail (releasing August, 2015)
  • Crossed, our first horror film, created with literally zero budget and released in 2007

      Our current projects (in writing and development mode):

  • The Pill - written by Kate Bowyer
  • Porch It, a live show that takes a glimpse into cultures around the world
  • a documentary about a Swedish rock band that plays in NYC
  • a quasi-horror themed reality show
  • an animated comedy show
  • a dark comedy

BoozeHound OnTap - A place where your project goes to kick some major ass. We have worldwide partnerships with a variety of artists in many genres and mediums to help you realize your vision.

Through OnTap, artists and businesses secure licenses for music/video/photos/etc directly from the artists who created it. This is collaboration in it's highest form. 

  • If you are an artist and would like to submit your work for inclusion, please contact me directly. We are always looking for quality art to share and distribute/license.

BoozeHound BYOB - The "BYOB" has nothing to do with booze as you might expect. It means "Bring Your Own Body" because, well, this is our one-of-a-kind apparel company. Really, when I say one-of-a-kind I mean it - you aren't going to find this stuff anywhere else (and if you do, remember we did it first).

BoozeHound Publishing - This is our publishing imprint that publishes and distributes our full length novels, short stories and graphic novels in both print and digital formats.

     Current & Upcoming Projects:

  • The Pill - written by Kate Bowyer
  • Lost Angel Trilogy (re-release) - written by Kate Bowyer

      Past Projects:

So that's BoozeHound and what I do to support my bad habits. On the personal side...

Some fun facts about me:

  • I’m from Chicago
  • I’m a metalhead \m/
  • My favorite beer is Bucer's Paradise (a Stout by a pub/coffeehouse called Bucer's in Moscow, Idaho)
  • My Bacon number is 1
  • I was a Firefighter/EMT for 10 years
  • My favorite food (at the moment) is Cheeseburgers

But, let’s get real, you want to know why you should circle me, right?
  • I will entertain you.
  • Because I’m awesome. Ask others, they’ll tell you.And if they don't, it's probably because I forgot to pay them.
  • Because I say no to the status quo.
  • Because I tell it like it is. No fluff, no bullshit.
  • Because I like to have FUN. Never underestimate the power of having fun.
  • Because I believe action is more important that inspiring a certain mindset.
  • Because you’re here anyway and you might as well hit that circle button.

If you've gone this far, you must be friendless and bored. But that's OK. It's nothing to be ashamed of. You'll get no judgement here (at least not in front of you).  I'll be your friend. Really, I will. I'm not gonna share my booze or anything, but I'll at least say "hi" as we pass in the stream. So, if you wanna be friends, make sure you say Hi back. Otherwise it's just awkward.

Bragging rights
I played a firefighter and a good samaritan in a movie called "After The Shock" (I was also the technical adviser). I was also kicked off the set of "Perfect Strangers". Yeah, I know, I'm cool, but I'm humble :)
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I drink. I listen to loud metal music. I break rules and I entertain you.
Drinking booze and listening to metal while breaking rules.
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    BoozeHound is my new 100 Proof, 6x Distilled Entertainment company. All the details are in my bio.
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    Firefighter/ E.M.T. I used to be the guy who rode up on the big red fire engine, siren blaring and lights flashing when you called for help. Yeah, I saw some shit, but man the stories I have...
  • Thornton Volunteer Fire Dept.
    Firefighter, 1983 - 1984
    At age 14, I was the youngest member of our volunteer fire department.
  • Sniffing Hiney Productions
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    A production company that helps businesses and individuals create multimedia content that stands out.
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