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Just finished reading The Circle by Dave Eggers. 1984 for the social media generation. 

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Dr Who?

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What a great voice. 
London grammer-strong 

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Tour of Britain. Final Stage - London

I need to spend a day doing a 21st century spring clean:

Inbox (archiving and rules), Twitter unfollows, Newsletters, Facebook purge, iPhone push messages, iPhone/iPad apps, Spotify playlists cleanup, kill old calendar invites, Google Drive organisation... Probably need more than a day actually!

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A little bit of Mad Men fun for from The Oatmeal.

Why didn't I work in the 60's?

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The tech press seem to really have it out for Facebook with the IPO coming up. Not that I care.

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Does anyone else find this very hard to believe? I don't think 1 in 6 people I know are active on Twitter and I'm a 30 something who works for a very technology focussed company.

Maybe they have a loose definition of active.

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I need to go here. Soon. Nothing beats a good burger. (via @whatalesyou)

Camera needed. Something that takes excellent pictures but is also small enough to carry in my smallish shoulder bag everyday.

I'm taking more and more photos with my iPhone but wish they were better quality. Much better.

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