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PLUMBING TIP 12: Cartridges and Stems

Behind every handle is a cartridge or a stem.
These cartridges and stems control the flow of water to your shower, tub, kitchen faucet, and bathroom faucet and overtime begin to wear out and fail.

A few indicators that you might need to change out a cartridge at a specific fixture are:
1. the water no longer fully shuts off at that fixture
2. the water temperature is not functioning correctly at that fixture (either can’t get it cold or can’t get it hot)
3. the water pressure is low at that fixture

Other things can cause these three symptoms as well, but if they are only occurring at one fixture, then a cartridge replacement is often a good place to start.

Schedule an appointment today with one of our trained technicians to see if a new cartridge can fix your plumbing issue 925-872-0805.

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Visit our website TODAY: TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT and one of our office staff will contact you to confirm its availability.

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PLUMBING TIP 11: Proper Strapping

Take the time to strap. It’s easy to dismiss the importance of strapping, but it is a key to a quality plumbing job. Unstrapped water lines can result in rattling and movement overtime, which can be both irritating and costly. While, improperly strapped drain lines can cause an entire line to back up.

Save yourself the money and time and make sure the job is done right the first time around.
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An Appointment You Can Count On

We understand that our customers have jobs, responsibilities, errands, and a list of other things they need to get done. That’s why we guarantee our three-hour arrival window and promise a $50 discount if we are late.

If you’ve been scheduled for an 8-11am arrival window and we arrive at 11:15am, that’s a $50 discount for any work done within the next 30 days.

Give us a call today 925-872-0805 and allow us the opportunity to stand by our word!

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INTRODUCING: The Kohler Simplice

Barnett Plumbing is proud to announce the Kohler Simplice is now available for installation.

Its 16" goose neck provides a greater level of freedom in the sink, while its pull-down sprayhead offers stream, sweep, and pause to increase overall control.

These features, coupled with Kohler's Life Time Warranty and superb customer service is why we will be stocking them on each of our nine service trucks!

So call today 925-872-0805, to have one of our trained Technicians give you a free onsite estimate.
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PLUMBING TIP 10: The Right Material for the Right Job

A quality installation involves not only a skilled technician but the right parts and material for the job. Knowing what material your lines are made of can be a big help in predicting repairs and replacements.

Metal: when used for transporting liquids, these pipes have a disposition towards rust and long term failure. Like arteries, they develop heavy buildup on the walls of the pipe which eventually leads to clogs.

Clay: these pipes often develop cracks as a result of natural shifting soil or earthquakes. They are also susceptible to invasion from roots both at their seems and at any crack or break.

Orangeburg: overtime, this material becomes thin and brittle as gallons of running water wear away at its inner lining and soil elements dry out its exterior, leaving it susceptible to all sorts of cracks, offsets, and collapses.

All this is why Barnett Plumbing is committed to providing the Right Material for the Right Job. We use Commercial grade Type L Copper for our water lines & ABS / Polyethylene for our sewer replacements.

Call today 925-872-0805 and let us get your lines back up and running.
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Need a fire sprinkler line repaired?

Allow us to identify the issue, give you a quote, and complete the repair with the assurance that we stand behind our work.


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PLUMBING TIP 9: Know What Your're Paying For

In the world of repairs, it is always important to know exactly what you’re paying for. This includes what material is being used, the quality of that material, the services being provided, the licensing and experience of the worker, and the warranties and exclusions that apply. It’s easy to get confused or be taken advantage of when new or foreign terms are being used and nothing is in writing.

That’s why we always encourage our customers to ask questions, do their homework, and get EVERYTHING IN WRITING!

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PLUMBING TIP 8: Know the Warning Signs

Although the need to replace a water heater is an inevitable reality, many homeowners feel caught off guard and unprepared when the time comes. A handful of factors, such as hardness of water and the amount of use, play a major role in the life span of a water heater, but for the most part a water heater’s life span is between 8-12 years.

Other indicators of age or potential failure are:

1. Rust, corrosion, and/or build up on the hot and cold nipples, along the seams of the tank, and around the base of the water heater

2. Water damage to the surrounding walls and floor caused by water heater leaks of various sizes

3. Routinely failing components: gas control valve, pilot assembly, burner assembly

If you think your water heater might be nearing the end of its life, feel free to give us a call 925-872-0805 for a free onsite estimate, so the inevitable does not have to be the unexpected.
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PLUMBING TIP 7: Paying the Right Price

There is truth to be found in the phrase: “You get what you pay for.” Sadly, many plumbing companies believe this gives them free reign to charge whatever they like.

Here at Barnett Plumbing, we are committed to providing our customers with quality parts and workmanship at a reasonable price. We use commercial grade type L copper, American made water heaters, and all brass Italian made ball valves, because we believe in doing a repair right. We stand behind both the material we provide and the work our technicians do because that’s the type of company we want working on our homes and so that’s the type of company we want to be.
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