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All the laddies cat call and wolf whistle / So called gentlemen and ladies / Dog fight like rose and thistle
All the laddies cat call and wolf whistle / So called gentlemen and ladies / Dog fight like rose and thistle

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Loved writing the story - hate the picture. 

It's hard to understate how funny and new the verbal sparring felt between Howard Cosell and Muhammad Ali back in the 1970s. People of different races didn't speak that way to each other like that. It was thrilling and dangerous.

"Look, we can’t have him in the White House. You know that and I know that. It would be a disaster. So instead of giving him any funds, let him pay for the fucking race. Hil wins and we stuff the House and Senate with GOPers. We can control her Supreme Court nominees and even impeach her over the email server, Benghazi, and whatever comes up and we make her first and only term a living Hell. Deal?"

— Who is saying this - Romney? Rand Paul? Speaker Ryan? Rupert Murdoch?

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I had the same idea crammed on the 4 subway that became a local due to some MTA snafu. Why am I travelling to an office and not working by a marina? Good luck, Mike!

51? Me? What the fork?!

I will not look at work email, I will not look at work email, I will not ...

- Vacation Phil

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It sounds like Tarrantino is mellowing in his 50s. Not a bad thing:

NYMag: Most of your characters are motivated by revenge, but you’ve been very forgiving lately.  Bruce Dern’s reps allegedly leaked the Hateful Eight script, and he’s in the movie anyway. Ennio Morricone criticized Django Unchained, but he’s scoring Hateful Eight.14 Are you mellowing out?

QT: I probably am mellowing. I’m happy about that. I was a pretty angry young man, but if I were angry now, it’d be like, What the fuck is my problem? I’ve got a really terrific life. It’s so rare to be an artist in my position. How can I get mad at anything? I get irritated, but I have mellowed. Life’s too short. 

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You never forget your first. This beauty is actually my first new car, the one I had before was an 1983 Monte Carlo in chocolate brown. It was nice if a bit ridiculous - the rear was jacked up just a smidge but towards the end if you honked the horn, all the circuits blew. Click, zap, gone. Typical American car from the last two decades of the millennium. Why bother producing a good product? What are ya gonna do, buy a Japanese car?! Yup, I did and I loved it.

I ripped this image from Google because it’s the exact shade of candy apple green of my beloved 93 Mazda Protege. I think I called it Kermit Green. Loved this little beast. She was quick, comfy and heavy! It was made of - are you ready for this? Metal! - It was small but she felt like she could take a hit. I would give anything to drive this old girl again.

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Pssst. Deutsche Bank wants to be bigger than a certain US investment giant. It rhymes with "Goldman Sachs."
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