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Google Photos reminded me of this today, taken 3 years ago. Brian Rose, myself, and Joe. I think this is the first photo I ever had taken of Joe and me, though not the first time we met...

I miss you, Joe.


Looking over the past few days worth of new Android Wear smartwatch announcements, many for much later this year, I have to wonder if Google's collaboration with LG on the Style/Sport was little more than a troll: Design a set of really crap watches so that a million other companies all jump in and say "I guess we'll have to show you how it's really done" rather than admit "Yep, they built something great, there's just nowhere to go besides a custom look on a 'perfect' feature set." and pass on the platform entirely.

I can't believe for a moment that the world is so poorly designed that every single Android Wear 2.0 watch currently released, or will be released in the next couple of months, is the disaster it is unintentionally. 

Dear +AT&T,

Please don't call me and tell me you're doing so to answer my recently submitted question, put me on hold for 30+ minutes, transfer me to 5 different agents, and then tell me you have to call me back before you can give me the answer you called me in the first place to provide.

If you are going to call me to answer a question I posed via email, GET THE FLIPPING ANSWER BEFORE YOU CALL ME, and spend 5 minutes giving it to me, rather than wasting half an hour of my day with your hold music.

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Yuri on Ice wins the 2016 +Crunchyroll​ Anime Award... 

I know Nova Launcher supports the new shortcuts in Android 7.1 on the home screen. That's great, and I love them. However, I would like to set one of these shortcuts to the swipe action on an existing icon on my home screen. There doesn't seem to be a way to do that.

I'd like to request this feature be added. Thanks for making an amazing and awesome launcher! 

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This will be the first song I listen to in 2017, because I think it's quite relevant in the world we'll be entering in the political arena, even if the American/Russian relationship it's primarily about is no longer true.

"We share the same biology, regardless of ideology."

Happy Solstice to you and yours, from me and mine.

Lets make 2017 the best year possible, in spite of all the fear, uncertainty, doubt, and negativity that seems to be looming. I've been mostly quiet about politics, and, plan on remaining so, but I will say this:

No matter what side you are on, if you supported Clinton, Trump, Stein, or somebody else, whoever you supported, people (other than you) feared that choice. Half of the country is scared and hurting over the election results, and frankly, this would have been true regardless of which candidate won. So please, out of respect for the position YOU would be in if things were different (be it win, lose, or draw), please try to have some empathy and compassion for those who ARE in that position next year, and are uncertain what the future holds, or, might have held.

Everybody deserves a chance to succeed - or, fail. Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future. Go forth and be good people, repay other people's kindness, and don't forget that left, right, middle, whatever - we're all human beings, and, that transcends geopolitical boundaries.

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Sincerely thanking everyone involved: teammates and opponents, friends on both sides of the road, and everyone involved in the dreaming, production, and/or execution of the plans.
Happy Birthday Ingress

The wisdom to know the difference.

Another year older +Niantic Project Four years now, and still going strong. Of all the things that I have done, all the people that I have met, and of all the communities that I have been a part of, this one, this Ingress family, it is the best I have found. Not only have I managed to be a part of the best aspects of life as seen through this "game" that we play, I have seen the worst. Friends, opponents, and those that have floated through my own adventure, there is none like what I have encountered here. My greatest fortune is simply the people that I call friends in this community of agents. Even opponents that I have fought against, within my own faction and on the opposing faction have shown me aspects of myself that I would never have known without them.

Four years ago is another lifetime for me and my story. Situations could not have been more different, from my job, to living situation, to the beautiful and amazing people I have been fortunate to call my partners in this life. As we search for meaning, live a life of purpose, we always must reflect on where we are, and where we are going, yet keep in this moment, in this instant that is the now. So simple, yet so amazing at the same time, we are all on our own journey through life, and mine has been a wild ride. I look forward to the future with hope, with a sense of wonder that can only come from a life lived well and fully.

You cannot say it enough, the simple two words that come easily, yet must follow with action, but thank you Ingress, thank you Niantic, and thank you to all the agents out there for everything that you are, everything that you mean to me and the agents that I know will read this and think fondly of memories of these past four years. Even those that may look back and feel pain, or remorse, know that these emotions, like any that we have, are bound to pass through us, leaving our knowledge, our memories, and our relationships to work for, strive for, and how we become better for all of it.

Please don't take my words as anything but a simple "thank you" for everyone here, everyone that has moved through my life, and those lives that I personally have the honor to of been a part of.

I am here, as I always will be, and I look forward to years ahead with hope, as I hope that any and all whom read this do.

Weather I see you at the next farm, the next anomaly, or perhaps the next field anchor I hope our meeting will carry with it always the message of thank you for being you.

Much love, and Raab bless.

+John Hanke +Joe Philley +Andrew Krug +Anne Beuttenmüller +NIA Ops +Linda Besh +Julia Vivienne Loverdose +Phase Burn +Vicki Ellen

TL;DR To be clear, not quitting, just wanted to say happy birthday and thank you to the amazing community. 

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Sweet sweet temporary relief from hunger...
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