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We're making a list of GREAT Canadian Tax/Finance Blogs. Who do you recommend?? #taxtips #canada #smallbiz

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Now You Don't Have to Become a Legal Expert to Run Your Business...

You have a long list of things to do to run your business, so you don't have time to try to figure out the legal system too.

With legal expense insurance you can just call a legal expert, any time, for any reason. You'll get answers to your questions fast - no googling required - and rest assured that you have the best information available for your business.

Get more information and an instant quote here:

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The Quickest, Easiest (and yes, Cheapest too) Way I Know to Get a Legal Team on Standby for Whatever Your Business Needs

Unless you have a lawyer in the family...who likes to work for're overpaying for your legal advice.

Or worse *can't afford* legal advice so you're trusting the fate of your business to Google, LLB.

And when, heaven forbid, you actually have a legal problem...things like:
- a disgruntled employee who thinks they were unfairly dismissed
- your business licence is suspended
- you face an occupational health and safety investigation
- your contractor doesn't deliver on schedule
- and anything else that can come up in the course of a day... need a legal team on your side who can actually stand up and go to bat for you.

Legal Expense Insurance does exactly that.

For one low premium, your legal fees are covered so you have the power to stand up for your rights.

Get more details and get an instant quote here:

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How to Improve Your Business's Chance of Survival...Overnight

Unless you live under a rock you know that small businesses are dropping like flies. It's not their fault, of course. The economy is bad, the dollar is in the toilet and it seems like there's a Walmart on every street corner.

But out of all the things that you can't control this is one thing you can. Legal problems can sink a small business in the blink of an eye.

With lawyer's fees averaging $400 per hour, legal help doesn't come cheap.

Now there's no reason not to get all the legal advice you need to keep your business up and running.

Legal Expense Insurance is an affordable way to get legal help with everything from employee disputes to uncollectable debts.

Plus you get Unlimited Legal Advice.

Don't let simple legal issues be your kryptonite. Get more information and an instant quote here:

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If you had *Unlimited Access* to Expert Legal Advice...what would you ask?

Now, Unlimited Legal Advice isn't just a pipe dream.

It's just one of our favourite features of Legal Expense Insurance. More information here:

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We can think of a couple we'd like to add...but this is a good start: 6 Types of Business Insurance to Consider

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Plug the holes in your insurance portfolio with specialized protection

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Let's hope it doesn't come to this: What to know if you have a debt with the CRA

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Small business tax survival basics - keys to getting your bookkeeping ready

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Keeping advantages afloat: A tax break guide for small business owners | Collins Barrow
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