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A little G+ photographer humor for the mid week... what say you +Scott Jarvie and +Colby Brown ?
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BWAA HAA HAAA!!  I love this so much!!
I have a feeling there will be payback for this one :D
oh!  I hope so!!  it's so fun to watch pay back! ;P
I love it...makes sense that I am the brain ;)
OMG Scott's face is so perfect for this....  lloooolll!
Although I forgot to photoshop the ears back on +Colby Brown - it would have been much more to scale.
oooh yes... THAT'S what's missing..   If you hadn't had his name on it I wouldn't have recognized him.. O.o
Priceless +Peyton Hale, it will be worth it though, whatever the payback is!
Yeah +Jim Davis, this could turn into a wonderful cross country prank war. I'm guessing +Scott Jarvie is off the grid or else he'd be loving this...
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