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Snakes #comics #feedly
Sounds about right...
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Hah! This is great!
#linux  +Linus Torvalds 
I like offending people, because I think people who get offended should be offended. Linus I'm sure that there is no other person in IT world that can make you feel the way Linus does. In fact, I think nobody else can afford managing the communities the way Linus does. Torvalds can get away saying things like “trying to come up with some ‘code of conduct’ that says that people should be ‘respectful’ and ‘polite’ is just so much crap and bullshit”...
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I decided to grow my hair out a bit. Going for the Trump look.
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Must reads....
Most-useful, Must-read O'Reilly books for sysadmin/devops/programmers/IT staff ;) via @khaxan  #humor   #sysadmin   #IT  
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Petros Koutoupis

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How to patch flash 0-day:

1) Uninstall flash
2) You don't need flash
3) Stop installing flash

#Truth   #Adobe   #Security   #Infosec   #DieFlashDie  @MalwareTech
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Perl is beyond evil.
LOL. Pick your poison carefully ;)

#PHP   #Perl   #programming   #humor  
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LOL. +Linus Torvalds quotes on Gordon Ramsey pics ;) #Linux   #Programming  
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This is a perfect analogy.
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Petros Koutoupis

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Nihilistic password security questions. Take note, webmaster ;) #security   #IT   #humor  
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Petros Koutoupis

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Oh, how times have changed...
What a Pull Request looked like in 1988. 
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Petros Koutoupis

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The kids and I did pumpkins today.
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Words to live by.
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I know that feeling too well.
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Not exactly sure but I am pretty damn good at it.
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  • Inverness Storage Solutions, LLC
    Chief Technology Officer, 2013 - present
Basic Information
Bring me my monocle. I want to look rich.
By profession I am an experienced Linux/UNIX developer working on embedded, kernel/device driver, and application development. I am fluent in Greek and even spent some time teaching myself an introductory level of both Biblical Greek and Hebrew (along with a general understanding of Semitic grammar); which in turn was used to publish two of my three books based on history and theology. I am also author of multiple Linux related articles published in issues of Linux Journal, Linux Pro, and Linux+ magazines. When I am not busy being a good husband and an excellent father (of two), I spend my free time writing device drivers and applications for Linux projects. This includes writing kernel code.

Technical published articles include:
  • Advanced Hard Drive Caching Techniques (Linux Journal 9/2013 Issue 233)
  • The Lustre Distributed File System (Linux Journal 10/2011 Issue 210)
  • Data Deduplication with Linux (Linux Journal 7/2011 Issue 207)
  • Managing Storage Volumes with Btrfs (Linux Pro Magazine 3/2011 Issue 124)
  • Archiving Data with Snapshots in LVM2 (Linux Journal 1/2011 Issue 201)
  • Data Backup Applications (Linux+ 1/2010)
  • Linux RAM Disks (Linux+ 4/2009)
  • Linux Storage Management (Linux+ 3/2009)
Shortened list of historical & theological published materials:
  • The Enigmatic Etruscans (2014)
  • Identifying the Teresh of the Sea Peoples (2014)
  • Identifying an Ancient Battle and Dating the Song of Deborah (2014)
  • A Paradise Lost: In Search of Eden (2014)
  • Gateway to the Heavens: The Assyrian Account to the Tower of Babel (2014)
  • Was There Ever a Trojan War? (2014)
  • Did Mycenaean Greeks serve in the Egyptian military of Ramesses? (2014)
  • Trojans at the Battle of Qadesh (2014)
  • In Search of the Origins of the Philistines – Part 1 (2014)
  • In Search of the Origins of the Philistines – Part 2 (2014)
  • Homer: From Oral Tradition to Canon (2014)
  • The ancient settlement of Akrotiri and the mass exodus of Therans (2014)
  • Biblical Origins: An Adopted Legacy (2008)
  • An Adopted Legacy: Neo-Assyrian Origin to Hebrew Lore (2007)
  • Addendum to Biblical Origins: An Adopted Legacy (2009)
  • A Critical Analysis of Genesis 14 (2007)
  • The Nephilim: Their Origins and Evolution (2007)
  • The Babylonian Orion and Cetus (2007)
Bragging rights
I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful children. I also have two of the greatest Shiba Inu dogs.
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Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL, USA
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Beautiful hotel and banquets but bad coffee.
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I ordered an urn for my late dog and it was exactly what the website claimed it was. The quality was good and I couldn't have been more pleased. It was a perfect way to honor our recently passed member of the family.
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This is my favorite museum in the entire Chicago land area. It is a relatively decent size and you can spend half a day viewing all of the historical artifacts and sculptures. The primary focus of this museum and the campus' archaeology department is the ancient Near East. So it is super exciting to see things from cultures less commonly shown in more mainstream museums. You will find items from Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Hittite / Luwian, Israelite, Egyptian, Persian, Nubian, etc. cultures. I love this museum so much I consider it a second home and have visited it more times than I can count.
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