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A very useful command. How many times are you caught editing a file and then need to exit just to redo it with sudo?
Most useful vim tim for sysadmin/devops ever! Save a privileged file with vim without existing from current session. Append following to your ~/vimrc:

command W :execute ':silent w !sudo tee % > /dev/null' | :edit!

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It isn't often when I edit files that need superuser access but when I do I have a tendency to forget to sudo it.
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Petros Koutoupis

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My buddy....

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RapidDisk / RapidCache 2.13 now available. Not a huge update here:

* Bug fix with rxadm binary and mapping RapidCache to pre-existing partitions.
* Added more information to RapidDisk proc_fs file.
* Addressed compile warnings for GCC 5.1

Also, this code has been tested on the 4.0 kernel.

Thanks go to Steven Rudolph for finding the bug and testing the fix. 

You can pull it from the git repo:

Or download it from the SourceForge project page:

#linux   #kernel   #development   #opensource   #ubuntu   #centos   #redhat  
Software. If what you are looking for is not listed here, please visit our Documentation Wiki. RapidDisk / RapidCache. Download and installation. You can clone the latest (and stable) 2.x source tree from the git repository: $ git clone ...
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Petros Koutoupis

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Ever been working heads down at the office, but needed to jot down a quick note for later? Send notes directly from your computer to your Android phone, and have them ready in your pocket when you need them.
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Petros Koutoupis

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Enjoying some imported Sake. Again, a gift from my sister who just came back from Japan. +Tania Koutoupis​​
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So, my sister, +Tania Koutoupis​, came back from Japan last weekend and surprised the children with some toys; including this crazy Japanese Lego-like model of a T-Rex. I was very grateful for the pictures as I do not read Kanji. Delilah and I just finished it.
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It stays together fairly well. The pieces are not going anywhere.
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Petros Koutoupis

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This explains the leak under our kitchen sink. The extension pipe corroded so badly that it was crumbling to the touch. Damn brass.
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Petros Koutoupis

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Enjoy one of my older articles republished on the +Ancient Origins website in Spanish! :-D
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Los Etruscos surgieron en la que fue Etruria (hoy en día Toscana) en las regiones occidentales y centrales de Italia, al norte de Lacio. Aunque sus orígenes son  debatidas continuamente en el mun
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The past couple of days I have been playing with GNOME 3 and GNOME Shell themes. Here is:

* Paper GTK and Icon themes
* Petitlepton GNOME Shell theme
* Dash to Dock Extension

It should be fairly obvious that I am liking the Material design.

#gnome   #gnomedesktop   #gnome3   #gnome3desktop   #gtk   #linux   #unix  
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Petros Koutoupis

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I like this look.... paper themes are completely in now.
Fedora 22 Gnome 3.16.1.
Paper theme Gtk and icons.
Ozon Shell theme   #GNOME316    #FEDORA22   #PAPERTHEME  
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Petros Koutoupis

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A new song posted....
I bet you didn’t think I was actually going to do this.
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Technical published articles include:
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  • Managing Storage Volumes with Btrfs (Linux Pro Magazine 3/2011 Issue 124)
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  • Identifying the Teresh of the Sea Peoples (2014)
  • Identifying an Ancient Battle and Dating the Song of Deborah (2014)
  • A Paradise Lost: In Search of Eden (2014)
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  • Homer: From Oral Tradition to Canon (2014)
  • The ancient settlement of Akrotiri and the mass exodus of Therans (2014)
  • Biblical Origins: An Adopted Legacy (2008)
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  • A Critical Analysis of Genesis 14 (2007)
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This is my favorite museum in the entire Chicago land area. It is a relatively decent size and you can spend half a day viewing all of the historical artifacts and sculptures. The primary focus of this museum and the campus' archaeology department is the ancient Near East. So it is super exciting to see things from cultures less commonly shown in more mainstream museums. You will find items from Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Hittite / Luwian, Israelite, Egyptian, Persian, Nubian, etc. cultures. I love this museum so much I consider it a second home and have visited it more times than I can count.
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