Don't Sit Too Much, It Could Cost You Years of Life

A growing body of research evidence shows that, even with 30-minutes of regular daily exercise, sitting for excessive periods of time still contributes to a variety of health conditions including cardiovascular ailments, kidney disease, and Type 2 diabetes.

Other recent studies have shown that those who have an active lifestyle suffer fewer of these conditions than those who spend a majority of their day sedentary.  Again, exercise alone, while helpful, will not eliminate the health risks for those who live highly sedentary lifestyles.

Some advice from Dr. Mercola to maintain a higher level of activity throughout the day include:

-Using a timer to remind you to stand up and move around regularly.

-Doing squats, stretches, or other postures.

-Doing the Foundation exercises developed by Dr. Eric Goodman (

Modern workplaces and commutes can make it difficult to find time to do these things throughout the day, so it's also important to remember not to become too sedentary at home.  Six hours of sitting in front of a TV or computer screen every night can be tempting at the end of a workday, but could cost you years of your life span.

The Importance of Intermittent Movement for Longevity:
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