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Walked the pups this evening in just a sweatshirt... Awesome!!! 
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Well it was a fun visual while it lasted!
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Petra Cosgrove-Tremblay

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Spreading the word.
Signal Boosting

The Kingdom of Atlantia is attempting to locate a set of Coronets used by the Prince and Princess of Atlantia.

The coronet are made up of as set of hinged, silver plaques with golden Fleur de lis at the top.

Pictures of the Coronets may be found below:
Prince's Coronet:

Princess' Coronet:

These coronets are commonly stored in a set of clear plastic boxes.
If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of these items, please contact the Kingdom Exchequer at
( and the Kingdom Seneschal (

Christopher MacConing OL, OP, Provost
Kingdom of Atlantia
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Petra Cosgrove-Tremblay

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... there are some who call me Tim.. thank you +Anthony Loinaz!
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Your welcome😂
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While walking in my 5th grader today, I was floored by how recently it seems like I was the nervous mom dropping her off for kindergarten, and now she's started her last year at the elementary school. 

Not only is she AWESOME, but.. she's getting so biiigg!!! 
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And my son is not only driving, but a junior in hs. waaaaaa! 
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Dunkin Donuts has brought back their pumpkin latte.

I haven't had one in 3 years because, well, HFCS.. it's bad for my tummy in a BIG way. 

I broke down this morning.. they are so very very very good.

I will be hurting later this morning, but man they are DELICIOUS. :D
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for all that I am in love with Dunkin Donuts pumpkin lattes, my brain doesn't work that way... lol
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Because women's bodies are disgusting and your underwear are too precious for those nasty bodily fluids to get on all the time, not just during your period.


Congratulations Carefree - your targeted marketing campaign back fired, and when my daughter needs such provisions (i use a diva cup, because it makes so much more sense), i will know who not to give my money to!
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It stinks of poo
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Petra Cosgrove-Tremblay

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I love my daughter's school.. 

so much.

and I just want to curl up and sob that 10 year old girls have to go through this shit.. 

I am.. so fucking tired of the fact that the basic belief that she is JUST AS FUCKING GOOD as a man is so damned scary to these parents that they've raised their son's to want to do anything in their power to squash that belief in women.. and that there are parents that have raised their daughters to believe that Fi's strength and bravery and intelligence is a threat to their "boyfriends" somehow. 

I am so angry and so tired.. and I am SO proud of my daughter.. because she is SO strong and so intelligent and so brave and she's on the front line of this one, and all I can do is write her teachers and stand up proud and tall for her.. and rail against a stupid society where a little girl has to defend her right to be fucking amazing.
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Damn it, I have checked my Gmail lately and thought this had quieted down. Hang in there Fi, you are fabulous just the way you are and anyone who tries to diminish you are the loosers because they won't have you in their lives!! 
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I love my daughter.. while walking on the commons, we saw a sign that Holy Grail was playing on the big screen at the State Theatre...

Fi begged Greg to go se it.

I am doing parenting right.

Obviously we are now in the theatre. :D
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Hey look, something finished for #fofriday

(Half of it is a cabled ear muff, the other half is a four stitch wide band... meant to be worn with my husband's hats, which are more western and less cowboy.. so covers his ears, but is narrow enough at the front to not get in the way of the hat).
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Hmmm.. Aecademy is happening in Myrkfaelinn this fall.. YEAH! 

I'm coordinating with the Aecademy Chancellor to manage the classes (poor +Jenn Strobel)... but this raises the key question. 

What am I teaching.  I've taught women's lit 3 times in the last six months.. and I feel pretty and period the same number.  So I need to do something else or I will feel like I'm being a slug..

Someone else can do intro to spinning, although I can teach that, it's not my strong suit because I have a hard time explaining what I do.. ("there is no right or wrong, the goal is to twist the fibers into yarn... just listen to the yarn, it tells you when it's been spun enough, you'll be fine." is really hard to express without sounding like a ninny (I am not a technical spinner, as I was reminded over war, lol.. GOOD, but not technical). 

hmmmm... I could do a class on research, but not everyone has the resources I do, so that isn't fair.. (I love Cornell Libraries... so very very much... lol)

Must think.. I have a little bit of time to figure this out.
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totally. :D
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Petra Cosgrove-Tremblay

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Ohhh +mary Zeman
Do you want to carry Grumpy Cat around? YES! Does Grumpy Cat want to be near you? NO. Mini Grumpy Cat Plush:
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Up to you
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shared just in case.
Seen on FB this morning. Passing along in hopes.

This tent was stolen the morning of 4/22 in Columbus, Ohio along with a trailer full of woodworks from Egill (Chuck Jones) and his wife Angela Parrish. The tent is 20X20 with blue trim. Wood work includes chairs and inkle looms. The trailer is white, 6'X12' (enclosed), with 2 wheels. Has a couple of dents in the front side. A side door and a rear drop-down door. Midrealm and Atlantia stickers on the back. 
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  • Binghamton University
    Anthropology, 2004 - 2008
  • University College Cork
    Celtic Civ, 1998 - 1999
  • Fort Lewis College
    Anthropology, 1996 - 2000
  • Red Bank Regional High School
    High School, 1992 - 1996
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Petra Cosgrove, Petra Tremblay
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First off - if i can't obviously see why you added me, I will not add you back.

I am a 29.7 (that is a point release, not percent, before anyone accuses me of lying about my age) year old academic, mom, wife, scadian, history junkie, married to my best friend, with a beautiful 10 year old little girl, two dogs on this side of the rainbow bridge (a 9 year old pit bull and a 1 year old shepherd cross), 2 cats, an ever changing number of chickens (a mutt mix), a small flock of Shetland sheep, a sun conure and a corn snake.  

I am an avid spinner, with a strong love of historic  fibers and techniques... and really beautifully dyed silk.  If I were FORCED to pick one fiber as my favorite, I would probably pick Shetland (yes, I'm totally biased).  I have recently discovered that I am pretty good at crochet, and am also vaguely capable of knitting, weaving, bobbin lace & embroidering (please note use of the word "vaguely").  I'm currently on a major dyeing kick with my fiber..

I have been in the SCA since I was 3, and have at various points lived in the East (Carillon ('81-'84)), Ansteorra (Bjornsburg ('84-'90)), Outlands (Rio de las Animas ('96-00)), and Aethelmearc (Dominion of Myrkfealinn ('01-present)).  Shockingly my focus is on fiber arts, and women's practices in history.  I am an annual Pennsic attendee, spending the vast majority of my time up at Pennsic University, cramming my brain, or others' brains full of fun stuff.

I was recently diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and am working out how to remain a force of nature when all I want to do is go to sleep, but I'll figure that out one way or the other.  The force of nature thing isn't changing anytime soon. :)

I'm also a Firefly, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Torchwood quoting, fantasy RPG playing (mobile, computer, tabletop (though this is less often than I would like), etc.) geek.  :)

I work for Cornell University, taking classes in history and helping my husband run a family, and small farm while he builds a farrier business and does audiobook recording, and I run a small fiber business. :)

Yes, we're a little crazy.

“One should always be drunk. That's all that matters...But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk.” 
― Charles Baudelaire
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I'm *here* (definition of "here" is multiple, in case that isn't clear).
Systems' Specialist, Shepherdess
Crochet, Spinning, fiber processing, historical research
  • Cornell University
    Systems' Specialist, present
  • Cornell University
    Benefit Resource Specialist, 2007 - 2013
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Saved my cookies, thank you so much Nate! I had been pierced at Stiehls, and after having to take them out due to a chest x-ray, I could not get my piercings back in. Sadly Stiehls took a 4 day weekend, but Nate was REALLY good about getting everything back in, even though I wasn't originally their customer.. I am SO grateful and will likely be back!!!! :)
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I stopped in this morning in a bit of a funk over things being more complicated than they need to be, and was given AMAZING service, AND a spectacular cupcake which has done wonders for my mood.. I will ABSOLUTELY be back.. Just a warning, they don't take credit cards, so make sure you have cash when you stop in!
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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