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Ale trvalo to ;)
Po několika měsíčním testování jsme spustili webové stránky Jak se vám líbí? :)
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After two years and many wasted hours of searching I found webform on ‪#‎Google‬ which allows you connect your ‪#‎Youtube‬ channel to different ‪#‎Google+ page. Hooray, God bless you Google!
Here is the link
You need select "Channel connected to the wrong Google+ profile or page" and fill in URL of YouTube channel and both Google+ pages.
After you submit the form you will receive request for confirmation by email. If you confirm the mail your YouTube channel will be reconnected within 24 hours.
I am just wondering if the mail confirmation request from Google are written by humans because they are signed with real names.
I am suspecting Google it is all done by algorithm :o)
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Hmhmm..... holt ne vše se vždy podaří tak jak by jsme si přáli
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Hooray! Google finally 'release' vanity URL for google+ pages

I have received three mails from Google+ Team at Friday last week. The title of all says "Get a custom URL for your google+ page".
Each mail contains short and concise text: "You're now eligible for a unique google+ custom URL that lets you easily point folks to your page (no more long URLs!). Here's what we've reserved for you:".
Let me point out original google+ page URL was useless and impossible to remember
If you read this article carefully you noticed that Google RESERVED name for my g+ business page already. It means you can't claim the best name you would  like to have +Qpartner in my case. Google gives you only two options, you can accept or reject particular URL offer.
Well I have accepted all reserved g+ page names so now I have secured also +DobraDomena and +Opravy-pracekEu. As you can see Google derived these names from internet domains used in g+ profiles such as, and Interesting is Google takes .com domain as a most powerfull domain and offers the best and shortest URL page name like +DobraDomena.

What is the lesson we learned today - if you wanna run any type of business, blog, rock band or whatever you want .com domain is very useful for social media especially for google+ page.

Let me give you small quiz - everybody knows Top Level Domain .com has the largest number of registered internet domains in the world (over 110 millions at this time), but do you know what TLD is on the second place??
(hint - not .net)
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